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Best Chain Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner

Best Chain Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner
Lauren Englisbe

Thanksgiving is a day for family and friends to come together around a bountiful dinner table to give thanks for everything they’ve received this year. Sounds great, right?

Well, unfortunately, Thanksgiving also usually comes with hours and hours of slaving in front of a hot oven, and ritualistically basting drippings over an ever-demanding mass of poultry. Wouldn’t it be nice -- just for one year -- to have the feast and the fellowship, without all the sweat?

Luckily, you can! These days, more and more chain restaurants are taking the work out of the occasion and opening their doors to holiday crowds. If you’re looking for a particularly good meal, try to snag a table at one of the following spots.

Buca di Beppo

While this may not be your first idea when you think of Thanksgiving dinner, Buca di Beppo features tons of T-day standards for eating in or carrying out. There’s your turkey breast, of course, but you can also get garlicky mashed potatoes and spicy Italian sausage stuffing.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is about as American as you can get this holiday, plus they offer one of the more economical turkey day dinners you can find. Not content to simply serve up some bird, they’re also throwing in sugar-cured ham. Oh, and have we talked about dessert yet? They’re also baking full pies; give them a call to pre-order.

Maggiano’s Little Italy

Here’s another not-so-traditional option, but you’ll still get all the dishes you’re craving — complemented by Italian flavors. For instance, you can have a classic roast turkey breast that’s jazzed up with focaccia sausage stuffing — or you can go nuts with baked ziti and eat all the melted cheese your heart desires.

Medieval Times

Do I even need to tell you this twice? I mean, I will of course, because it’s that important: Medieval Times is open on Thanksgiving! Obviously it may make it tough to catch up with Great-Aunt Gladys while you’re cheering your face off for your favorite knight. But I guarantee she’ll love gnawing on a giant turkey leg and watching said knight defend the princess’s honor.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Wait, Gladys didn’t go for Medieval Times? Sorry, man. Well, I still have good news for you: though they’re obviously legendary for their steaks, Ruth’s Chris Steak House also serves up a super-tasty Thanksgiving dinner. As a nod to their roots, the meal also includes a tough of New Orleans style. So if you’re really craving some gumbo this holiday, don’t worry, you don’t have to deprive yourself!

Smith and Wollensky

Though you’ll only find Smith and Wollensky restaurants in larger cities, they’re worth checking out. Their Thanksgiving day dinner menu showcases elegant dishes like roasted butternut squash soup and and duck fat roasted root vegetables. They also have one of the (surprisingly) few classic pumpkin pies to be found.

Looking to get an even better deal on this year’s Thanksgiving dinner? Check out the page on and get to celebrating!

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