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6 Seashells That Look EXACTLY Like Danny DeVito

6 Seashells That Look EXACTLY Like Danny DeVito
Chantel Delulio

Some people find images of the Virgin Mary on their morning toast. Others find the equally holy visage of Danny DeVito in seashells. Don't believe us? Check out these six seashells that are a dead ringer for the man, the myth, the troll — Danny DeVito!

1. The DeVito Code

We don't need Tom Hanks in a bad wig to break this one down for us. Danny DeVito is clearly the key to finding the Holy Grail!

2. The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio, as a pattern, appears across all types of flora and fauna. Possibly in human genome DNA but particularly in seashells. Images that convey the golden ratio are thought to be the most pleasing — even ideal — expressions of beauty to the human eye. It's only natural that these measures of perfection should converge here.

3. The Troll Crab

Not the shell itself - but still an uncanny resemblance!

4. The Easter Egg

Everyone knows that Disney animators love a good easter egg. Eagle-eyed readers will be able to spot a certain familiar face deftly hidden in this iconic scene.

5. Happy as a Clam

The real treasure is what's on the outside.

6. A Super Starfish


Has it been too long since you've seen these marine marvels in person? It might be time to head over to and book a flight to your nearest beach and start a DeVito-full seashell collection of your own!