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10 Ways to Get Drunk in Inappropriate Places

10 Ways to Get Drunk in Inappropriate Places
Rebecca Howard

Sometimes you just want to have a few libations without the judging eyes of your fellow PTA members darting your way. Here are 10 flasks that'll keep the sauce flowing and your friends, family, and fellow parishioners none the wiser.

1. Gaming Cartridge Flasks

For mom’s night out and dad’s night in with the kids. They’ll never know because they wouldn’t be caught dead playing these old-school cartridge games. (ThinkGeek, $20)

2. Game of Thrones House Stark Flask

Because you can only take so much nerdspeak at your pals’ viewing parties. (HBO Shop, $25)

3. Birthday Princess Sash Flask
For the girl who’s not so sweet at her Sweet Sixteen. (Perpetual Kid, $25)

4. Captain Jules' Everlasting Steampunk Flask

Holds your medicinal ‘tonic’ while you’re at the helm of your airship, so you don’t get caught drinking and flying. (ThinkGeek, $25)

5. Sunscreen Flask Set

Booze probably isn’t allowed at the pool, but honestly, how else are you going to get through a day of screaming kids and sunburns? (Perpetual Kid, $13)

6. Little Black Dress Giant Handbag Flask

The only way to survive lunches with your mother-in-law, boring PTA meetings and family holidays. (Perpetual Kid, $40)

7. The Wine Rack Flask Bra

Because jogging is thirsty work. Especially if you’re being chased by a tiny kangaroo. (, $35.95)

8. Mitten Flask

Just in case you get buried in a snowbank, this could save your life. (Perpetual Kid, $26.80)

9. Laboratory Beaker Mug

Alcohol is probably frowned upon in the lab, unless used in an experiment, but this is for when the mad scientist in you just has to come out. (ThinkGeek, $10-15)

10. The Beer Briefcase

Some people bring important paperwork to their office presentations. You bring … beer. (ThinkGeek, $40)

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