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Would You Give These 10 Crazy Arrangements to Your Mom?

Would You Give These 10 Crazy Arrangements to Your Mom?
Samantha Arroyo

1. Cat Got Your Tongue?


Nothing says “I love you, mom” quite like immortalizing her pet. Dutch sculptor, Cedric Laquieze, dresses animal skeletons—yes, that used to be Fluffy—and creates artificial flower arrangements out of them.  We don’t know about you, but this is one of the creepiest things we’ve ever seen.


2. Unleash the Best for Mom

dog flowers

This is a cute alternative to standard bouquet and is available from—if mom can handle Rover wilting in a week, that is.


3. The Antique Lovers Bouquet


It’s an old-fashioned day at the beach with this 1940s handmade seashell flower bouquet from It’ll cost an arm and a leg though: a whopping $3,200. But you can bet there won’t be another like it on the block.


4. Go-for-Gold


A dozen of these 24K Gold Plated “Perfect” Roses from The Forever Rose will run you over a grand… but who can put a price tag on love?


5. Favorite Child


With a little do-it-yourself finessing, you can give your mama a picture of yourself giving her flowers… giving her flowers? There’s nothing conceited about that at all.


6. The DIY-Wanna-Be Bouquet


Just… don’t. No one likes a homemade, sweaty-looking fruit-kabob bouquet. Even if your heart had good intentions.


7. The Greens that Stay Green


Now this is a flower arrangement. Thank her for all those unpaid hours and, perhaps, reimburse her for that backed rent.


8. Lamp or Flower?


It’s a lamp. It’s a flower. It’s a lamp… It’s both. They aren’t available just yet, but Glowing Plant will soon be selling seeds that grow into glowing greenery. You can try the DIY approach, too, with some highlighter fluid and a YouTube tutorial.


9. Bring Brunch


It’s two gifts in one! A protein-packed brunch—picnic-style—wrapped up in the form of a gift. Bacon-wrapped roses, deli meat rosettes and cheesy spirals… delish!


Do yourself a favor (and your mom one, too), and go the traditional route with beautiful blossoms from 1StopFlorists, where your satisfaction is their guarantee.