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Winter is Coming (Again): The Return of Game of Thrones

Winter is Coming (Again): The Return of Game of Thrones
Rebecca Howard

The last thing most of the country wants to hear right now is that winter is coming, but for die-hard Game of Thrones fans, this is the best news we’ve heard in a long time. Yes, it’s been almost an entire year since we last left the good (and evil) citizens of Westeros, but finally the Season Five premier approacheth. I know the anticipation of waiting these last few days has been more uncomfortable than sitting on that throne of swords, so here are some of the best fan items available to celebrate the return of our favorite rogues on April 12.

Why Robb, WHY?!


One thing every Game of Thrones fan has learned is to never accept invitations at face value, especially if they come from Lord Walder Frey. I know we all fervently hoped that the show would diverge from the plot of the books and Robb Stark’s life would be spared, but sadly, the Red Wedding progressed as we had feared. Sport this cheeky t-shirt ($9.99, to deal with your grief in a humorous way; after all, laughter is the best medicine. And here you thought being forced to wear an ugly bridesmaid’s dress was the worst fate you could suffer at a wedding!

And speaking of the King in the North, he may be gone, but his gorgeous face will never be forgotten, especially if you tack this Robb Stark poster, starting at $7.99, from, up on your wall. I’ve had a difficult time sticking with the show after he was killed off, but at least his half-brother Jon Snow is still around.

A Feast Fit for a King (Poison Excluded)


Since you don’t want to risk accepting tricky invitations to social events from the Westeros crowd, why not gather your fellow fans together and host a feast yourself to celebrate the return of your favorite series? With A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook ($25.60,, you can whip up some authentic fare to make your guests feel like they've gathered for a banquet in the Red Keep. Care to sample some aurochs with roasted leeks or Tyroshi honeyfingers? You may not be up to reproducing the entire 77-course wedding feast in honor of King Joffrey, but with these recipes you could give it a try (maybe steer clear of the poisoned wine).

Swords and Puppies, Oh My!


Jon Snow gets himself into a lot of sticky situations, but so far he’s always been able to fight his way out. Weaponry collectors would love to get their hands on some of the medieval-inspired pieces sported on Game of Thrones. This reproduction of Jon Snow’s infamous Longclaw sword ($250, BUDK) was recreated from the official series prop, features a 35-inch stainless steel blade with wolf pommel, wooden display plaque and certificate of authenticity.

Looking for something a little less likely to endanger your friends and enemies or put your eye out? Maybe something cuddlier is a bit more your speed. I don’t know where to source any actual direwolves, but these adorable stuffed pups, $19.99 each from ThinkGeek, can be your snuggling companions while you’re nervously awaiting what perilous adventures will befall our heroes next.


What gut-wrenching plot twists does Season Five hold in store for us? Will the Night’s Watch successfully defend the Wall from the Wildlings? Will Daenerys cross the Narrow Sea with her dragons? Who will hold the Iron Throne next? Only one thing is certain when it comes to what will happen on this show: "you know nothing, Jon Snow."