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Where to Score a Chanel Bag for $41.15

Where to Score a Chanel Bag for $41.15
Shelby Deering

Today is April 1. Nothing to note, I just wanted to point out that today is April 1. And boy, do I have some amazing deals for you on this uneventful day. These are deals that will shock you with their sheer awesomeness. Unbelievable deals, if you will. We’re not fooling around here, kids.*

1. A Curling Iron That’s Also a Lightsaber

iStock_000023754611_Large (1)

It’s 2015. You shouldn’t be surprised that modern technology has allowed us to own a curling iron that instantaneously turns into a lightsaber. It’s totally practical. Think about it. You’re in your bathroom, you’re nonchalantly curling your hair, when all of a sudden, BAM. A wampa jumps out from nowhere. You make like Luke Skywalker and wield your lightsaber, defending yourself and your perfect curls. You didn’t spend an hour doing your hair to have it messed up by some random space creature.

2. An Authentic Chanel Bag for $41.15

chanel bag

Yes, you read that correctly. This 100% authentic vintage Chanel handbag is only $41.15, and it will be gone before you can finish reading this paragraph. I was just thinking, is it a coincidence that the price of the bag is $41.15, and today’s date is April 1, 2015? Weird.

3. A Skirt to Celebrate Clueless 2


Hollywood is currently filming a movie none of us ever thought would be possible: Clueless 2. Cher and the gang are back and older - I mean, better than ever. See them party at the hottest spots in L.A., wig out and collect social security. This plaid skirt is an exact replica of the one Cher wore in the movie, and you’ll be a total Betty when you wear it to the premiere.

4. A Box of Calorie-Free Chocolates

Fancy Dark Chocolate Truffles

Isn’t science amazing? They have heard the cries of the people and developed what can only be called the greatest discovery of our time: calorie-free chocolate. That’s right. You can sit and eat truffles to your heart’s content, and not gain an ounce.

5. A Real, Live Pet Rock


Do you remember the Pet Rock craze from the 70s? Well, now they’ve created a pet rock that actually comes to life. Grab a little leash and walk your rock around the neighborhood. No one will look at you funny. And if you listen very closely, you can hear your pet rock bark. I recommend putting your ear right up against your pet rock to hear it clearly. Again, no one will look at you funny.

6. A Trip to the Moon

iStock_000030495622_Large (1)

Did you know that there’s a secret luxury hotel on the moon? It’s true! Just mosey on up to the moon and head to the spa for a moon-rock facial, play zero-gravity golf and swim in a crater-sized swimming pool.

*Disclaimer: Take a quick second to think about what day it is. Then re-read the descriptions of these deals. Wait for it…wait for it. There you go. Happy April 1!