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10 U.G.L.Y Animals Who Have No Alibi

10 U.G.L.Y Animals Who Have No Alibi
Rebecca Howard

So you think you’re an animal lover, do you? Well here are a few creatures to put that belief to the test. Let’s see if your affections are strong enough to include these guys, the ten ugliest animals around.

1. My, What Big Eyes You Have!


All the better to see in the dark with. The tarsier is known to leap onto its prey, but don’t worry, this Asian island primate only comes out at night, and mainly feasts on insects, along with the occasional small vertebrate.


2. A Face Only a Mother Could Love


I know it’s not polite to stare, but honestly somebody should give this poor guy a gift certificate for a nose job for his birthday. $10 says the Proboscis monkey had to take his cousin to the Prom.


3. Warning: Never Feed After Midnight


Obviously the inspiration for Gremlins, the aye-aye lives in Madagascar, and it’s easy to see that he does indeed feed after midnight. I wouldn’t want to get him wet.


4. Anybody Got a Tissue?


Actually, this sad-looking specimen doesn’t reside in your nose. The blobfish’s gooey body allows him to survive deep in the ocean where the pressure is too great for most creatures.


5. Hakuna Matata?


Is it just me, or did Pumba look a lot friendlier when he was dancing and singing with Timon in the Lion King? This warthog doesn’t look quite ready for his close-up. Makeup!


6. Hands Off!


The star-nosed mole’s snout has 22 finger-like appendages which help it feel its way around underground. Talk about being hands-y. I wouldn’t advise a movie date with this guy.


7. Somebody Stole My Pants Again


The emperor has no clothes, but that’s okay, since he lives in an underground colony with his nudist friends. Luckily, naked mole rats have very poor eyesight, so they probably have no idea what they look like.


8. Not My Best Friend


Sam, aka The Cryptkeeper, is an extreme version of the Chinese crested variety. They’re not all this bad, but Sam held the World’s Ugliest Dog title for several years in a row. Well deserved, I’d say.


9. We Can't Stop Here, This is Bat Country!


Eastern horseshoe bats are actually native to Australia, not the desert outside of Barstow, but you can see why Dr. Thompson wanted to keep on driving. Best not to take any chances.


10. We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat...


IMO, Jaws has nothing on the goblin shark, also known as a vampire shark, because it lives in the deepest parts of the ocean without sunlight. It’s known to feed on other sea creatures only; nevertheless, this is the reason I refuse to swim in the ocean.


If these ten monstrosities haven’t scared you off, then you truly are an animal lover. To learn even more about all the wondrous creatures we share the earth with, check out the Ultimate Nature DVD Collection Deluxe Edition ($59.95) available from National Geographic.


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