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Winter Is Leaving: How to Save Now That Spring Has Sprung

Winter Is Leaving: How to Save Now That Spring Has Sprung
Chantel Delulio

After months (has it only been a matter of months?) of being cooped up indoors and battered by an unceasing cavalcade of blizzards, the earth is finally starting to thaw. You can take a breath outdoors without feeling like you’re swallowing chilled thumbtacks. But this world where you can leave your house without needing a minimum of four layers may feel alien and new. Don’t worry — we’ve got the essentials for adjusting to a post-winter nightmare-scape lifestyle.

1. Replenish Your Skin


Much like an Animorph that’s spent too long in their animal body, you’re starting to wonder if your skin will ever revert from its reptilian texture. Cold weather may dry out your skin but don’t resign yourself to your lizard form — get Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ at for 42% off. You’ll be morphing back into a human in no time!

2. Give Boots the Boot!


It’s always exciting when temperatures finally drop low enough to justify wearing that stylish pair of boots. But when there’s no end in sight of shoving your feet into their mustier and mustier confines, the novelty wears off pretty fast. Liberate your feet and embrace the advent of tolerable weather with the Madden Girl Honi wedge sandal from Use discount code SUNSHINE15 to get 20% off orders of $80 or more.

3. Bejewel Your Midriff


While winter is never a good time for a crop top, the most recent season was downright dangerous. The very idea of showing off a belly ring came with the accompanying vision of one’s torso being turned immediately into a block of ice. No more shall you live in fear of Old Man Winter’s icy retribution! Let your belly freedom ring with the Celestial Sun Dangle Belly Ring from Body Candy. Plus, when you use discount code CA10 you’ll get 10% off any order.

4. Make Your Garden Grow


The earth has been pummeled with freezing temperatures for so long and so intensely it’s hard to conceive that anything green will grow again. But there’s no reason for the earth to remain barren when you can plant something as beautiful as Organic Ornamental Tall Sunflower Mixture from Gardens Alive! Plus, you’ll be able to save $25 on orders of $50 all the way through March. Dig your fingers into the soil and get your Mother Nature on.