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Just in Time for March Madness, Here's How You Can Save BIG On Electronics

Just in Time for March Madness, Here's How You Can Save BIG On Electronics
Tanya Sharma

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for college basketball fans. As March Madness ascends, we find ourselves obsessed with watching brackets and waging bets on the likely champs. But what about the actual games themselves? If you’ve been looking to make a big electronics purchase or two, now is definitely the time - and you won’t have to spend a fortune when you take advantage of the absolutely mad sales going on right now.


Doing it Old-School

Smart TV with Samsung Apps and Web Browser

Nothing says quality like a television that boasts a crystal clear image with HD resolution. The Samsung Smart LED TV has that covered, along with a slew of other features that will make your hoops-watching experience even more enjoyable, including a greater color spectrum and a clear motion rate that will make those players whizzing across the court look as good on screen as in person. You could purchase it for $799.99 at Shop Freedom, but you’ll score major points with your bank account if you buy it for $477.99 at Amazon.


 Ditch the TV, Not the Game

touch screen

You don’t have to own a big-screen TV to enjoy the game, though. Catch up on all the action with a laptop that keeps you in the know no matter where you are, like the HP Touch-Screen. Thanks to its WLED-backlit touch screen and bold visuals, it’s ideal for media watchers who appreciate a crisp, clean image. You can find it for $899.99 at Best Buy, but you’ll throw nothing but net at Office Depot, where it’s $846.99. Swish!

If you prefer the practicality and portability of a tablet, take a peek at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It all but redefines the tablet world with its ability to rival even your most high-performance laptop. Not only is it wafer thin, its HD screen measures 12 inches. A kickstand makes it easy to kick back and relax while your team pulls out a big win. And enough can’t be said about the Dolby-powered speakers, which deliver quality sound so crisp and pure, you’d almost feel like you were watching on a big screen. Find it for $999.99 at Best Buy or opt for a more reasonable $929 at Amazon.


Everybody Say "March Madness!"

Basketball on Smartphone, Sports App

Don’t discount your need for a new cell phone during March Madness, either. Apps help you keep track of your favorite teams when you’re on the go (i.e. at work), while a top-tier camera makes it easy to take great photographs and videos if you happen to be in attendance. The AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 features a 16 megapixel camera that captures those unforgettable moments with clarity (plus a front-facing camera if you feel the need to take a selfie during the game). Why buy it for $509.99 at NewEgg when you can get your hands on one for $499.99 at BHPhotoVideo?