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Find Your Pot of Gold With These HUGE Savings on Designer Jewelry

Find Your Pot of Gold With These HUGE Savings on Designer Jewelry
Tanya Sharma

St. Patrick's Day may be ensconced in green, but this year we're all about that sparkling pot at the end of the rainbow. All that glitters is gold, after all, and we think you'd be pretty lucky to score an exceptional piece of gilded jewelry without spending a small fortune. Don't let that gleam blind your bank account! Here are a few chic finds that will make your St. Paddy's holiday a little more golden.

Oscar de la Renta


Oscar de la Renta, anyone? These gold-plated clip earrings channel a hint of ancient Egyptian style, with a trio of brass circles bearing a hammered finish that would make Cleopatra positively green with envy. You could splurge on a full price pair at Net-a-Porter for $195, or you could do your wallet a favor and purchase them for $116.99 at

Kate Spade


When it comes to cute accessories with a quirky twist, Kate Spade has the market covered. The label's penchant for juicy colors and themed collections has made them the darling of the fashion world, and with good reason. Yet they also create classic pieces, like the Gramercy Grand gold bracelet watch, with the same expertise. It even features a little clover (in pink instead of green - just another great reason to honor your inner girly girl). Why get it for the retail price of $225 at Macy's when you could nab it for $169.59 at Amazon?

J Weber


Wearing your heart on your sleeve is more of a Valentine's Day thing, but feel free to keep it under lock and key for this holiday. The J Weber padlock necklace is made with deep yellow gold vermeil that appears to glow for miles. The pendant is suspended from a lithe chain that balances the standout charm perfectly. It retails for $300, but you can find it for $213 at Max & Chloe.

Alexis Bittar


In a world full of gorgeous jewelry, Alexis Bittar earns top honors for crafting unforgettable, unique pieces season after season. The designer's Crystal Embellished Rocky Bangle is a veritable masterpiece that combines earthy elegance with straight-up glamour. Delicate orbs of ruthenium intermingle with sparkling smoky crystals, resulting in a piece you'd be tempted to pay $155 for – but lucky you! You can get it for a more reasonable $93.75 at Bloomingdale's.

Michael Kors


Every woman needs at least one piece of jewelry that adds just the right touch of shine to any look, from the dressiest to the most low key. This Michael Kors pave bypass ring manages the job like a pro. Even with a healthy coat of to-die-for crystals, it doesn't look overly extravagant, yet it's no plain Jane either. And if you really need an excuse to splurge, consider it a reasonably priced treat - it's usually $125, but is available for a discounted price of $62.50 at Macy's. How's that for a little luck of the Irish?