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21 Items to Help You Save the World in Style – and Under Budget

21 Items to Help You Save the World in Style – and Under Budget
Rebecca Howard

Kick Butts Day on March 18 is the perfect time to get together and, well -- kick some butt. Unfortunately, my physical abilities in that department are limited, but after some careful research (i.e., comic books and movies), it’s become obvious that the best way we mere mortals can defeat our enemies is by morphing into superheroes. I daresay it’s time we outfit ourselves for some serious action.

Calling All Super Men, Women and Pets


First things first -- do we have any volunteers to be Superman? His superhuman senses, speed and strength are exactly what our team needs. Deck yourself out in this (1) heatgear compression top and (2) tights ($59.99 each).  And no, tights aren’t girly. You’re Superman; don them proudly.
I’m an equal-opportunity hero recruiter, so ladies, feel free to suit up in your own (3) Superman cropped baseball tee ($14.90) and (4) bodycon skirt ($13.80) from Forever 21, and join the fight.

They say animals have super-senses, so let the dog earn his keep by helping us sniff out our nemesis in this (5) Grreat Choice Superman tank ($14.99) from PetSmart. Or, we could combat the enemy with cuteness; no being could resist a force of chubby cheeks decked out in (6) superhero diaper covers ($9.99, ThinkGeek).

Where’s Our Radioactive Spider?


Who needs a radioactive spider (gross) when you can wrap your child in this Spiderman hooded towel ($12.99, Kmart)? Have him don this beanie ($7.99,, glasses ($14.95, and Spiderman hero FX glove ($16.99, Toys 'R' Us). He’ll be swinging a web around the evil-doers in no time.

Holy Paper Mache Mask, Batman!


Of course, we can’t leave out little brother, or we’ll be too busy dealing with tantrums to mount a fight. Let him join the super squad as Batman in this hooded graphic tee ($16,JCPenney) and Batman vintage paper mache mask ($39, Pottery Barn Kids). If the team gets separated, he can use his mini Batman bat-signal ($9.95, ThinkGeek) to reunite us.

Mean, Green Fighting Machine


No fighting force is complete without The Incredible Hulk, so if you know a mild-mannered scientist who is prone to turning green in fits of rage, give him my number, please. Otherwise, you’re going to have to step up and play the part in this Hulk mask ($16.95) and beanie hat ($19.95) from and these Hulk  slippers ($40, JCPenney).

Look Out, Lynda Carter


Now it’s my turn. Wonder Woman is my chosen alter ego, because she has the best accessories. Check out my caped romper ($34.99) and Wonder Woman yoga pants ($39.99), both from ThinkGeek. My Wonder Woman boot covers ($69.99, Kmart) are perfect for kicking some major butt.  Because even a super-heroine has to look good, I armed myself with a pair of gold cuffs ($45 each, Chico's) for deflecting enemy rays.

With our super awesome squad now assembled, we’re ready to kick some butts this month, and just in time, as March 20 is officially Alien Abduction Day. Thousands of people claim to be abducted by aliens each year, and although most return seemingly unharmed, they never have any knowledge of where they’ve been or what happened to them. That doesn't seem good. So my newly-super pals, let’s defeat some aliens and save the world from any unwanted invasions.

If all else fails, I’ve got a line on this Men in Black standard issue agent sidearm ($408.93, Amazon). Bring it on, space boys!

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