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Five Ways to Get the Most From Your Beauty Products

Five Ways to Get the Most From Your Beauty Products
Samantha Greaves

According to a study conducted by POPSUGAR Insights, 59% of women spend over $150 per year on cosmetics with 45% of women spending over $200. Though most of that spending may be on new cosmetics and beauty products, surely a majority of the purchases are to “replenish” regularly used products.

I put replenish in quotes because sometimes there’s still a lot of product left in tubes, jars and bottles that women just can’t get to. So instead of fussing with it, we just toss it in the trash.

There are tips and tricks on getting the most out of your beauty products, from getting to the hard to reach product left at the bottom of tubes and bottles to using products for dual purposes. Find a few of those tips below and start saving money.

Get the Most out of your Mascara

We all know the feeling – pulling out our mascara wands only to notice that it’s all clumpy and dried out, rendering it unusable. The remedy: wash your mascara wands as often as possible. After repeated use, mascara tends to clump together in the tube and on the wand. If it isn't cleaned thoroughly, more mascara tends to get caught on the wand giving you the impression that your mascara is done. Prevent this from happening by cleaning your wand with baby shampoo and manually rubbing out the clumps. If washing it out is too time consuming, put a few drops of saline eye drops on the clumped area and wipe it away with a paper towel. And if your mascara is clumpy within the tube, before throwing it away and running to the store to pick up a new one, place the tube in hot water. The heat helps loosen the clumps, extending the life of your mascara. To avoid your mascara prematurely drying out in the future, spin your mascara brush in the tube versus pumping it. When you pump the wand, air enters the tube, causing your mascara to dry out quickly.


Get the Most out of your Liquid & Compact FoundationBlog Photo - Compact Foundation

To cut down on how much foundation you use, make it last longer by combining a quarter size or less of your foundation with a creamy moisturizer. If you want more coverage, cover-up problem areas with a concealer of your choice. This will help you save on replenishing foundation often and will give you that summertime glow year-round. Once your foundation is done, whether in bottle, tube or compact form, don’t be so quick to throw it away. Some makeup brands offer a program where if you return a certain amount of containers – from that brand of course – you can get a free product. For example, MAC has a Back to MAC Program that offers a free lipstick for every six empty MAC product containers you return back to a MAC store, MAC counter or online via MAC’s website.


Get the Most out of your Lipstick

Speaking of lipstick, if you think you’ve run out of your favorite lipstick, think again! Chances are you aren’t completely done with it. The best way to get the most out of your lipstick and save money is to grab a cotton swap like a Q-Tip or even the bottom of your thinnest make-up brush and scoop the rest out. If you are completely out of lipstick but have a lip liner in the same color, simply line your lips and fill them in with the liner. Add clear lip gloss and you’re done. If you’re someone who enjoys DIY projects and would like to make your own lipstick, invest in quality non-toxic crayons(yes, crayons), and organic unrefined coconut oil ($7.99) like this one from Melt the crayon color of your choice with some coconut oil, and mix the two ingredients together in a bowl placed in a pan filled with water. Place the pan over heat and watch the mixture melt. Once the color is combined and has a smooth enough texture, put the combined ingredients in an old lipstick tube or gloss pot. Not only will you save a lot of money, you will also get creative with your lip stick creating unique lip colors.


Get the Most out of your Lip Gloss

If you are having issues with getting the last of your favorite lip gloss out of its tube, purchase aBlog Photo 2  - Lip Gloss tube wringer. Tube wringers are typically used by artists for getting paint out of tubes, but they are perfect for squeezing all types of tubes including those for lip gloss. A one-time purchase for under $10 will guarantee that you save more money annually thanks to the product you will get out of the tube that would otherwise end up in the trash. Jerry Artarama sells plastic tube wringers for $5.99. If you want something a little simpler that won’t require much effort on your part, spring for the wringer with a metal roller for $14.99. For an even cheaper trick, simply cut off the bottom of your lip gloss using a scissor or poke a hole thru it. This is a messier option, but a quick fix if you are pressed for time.


Get the Most out of your Eye Shadow

Eye shadow palettes and pots aren’t just for eyes, and with a little creativity you can save on other beauty products just by stretching out the use of your shadow. For example, your eye shadow can double as a lip gloss. Simply combine the eye shadow color of your choice with your favorite clear lip gloss on the back of your hand then apply the color to your lips with your finger or a lip brush. Eye shadow can even double as nail polish. If you sprinkle your eye shadow in a clear nail polish bottle and shake it up, you’ll have a unique nail color that you didn’t have to splurge on. To make your eye shadow last longer and avoid breaking in the container, keep it in the fridge during the summer.


These are just a few tips for you to use when trying to get the most out of your beauty products. The next time you think you’ve ran out of your mascara, foundation or the like, remember the
above tips and watch your trips to the makeup counter get less and your saved money add up.


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