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Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Black Friday Dilemma

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Black Friday Dilemma
Kate Loweth

The most wonderful day of the year is almost here. Get ready all you shoppers, as Black Friday is right around the corner!

Do you plan to hang out in your jammies and shop from the comfort of your own couch? Or are you going to brave the crowds and see where the deals lead you? There are pluses and minuses to both strategies, so let’s take a look at the options to see what might be the best choice for your shopping needs.

Online is the Only Way To Go!

If you are looking to maximize your shopping experience and minimize the effort, shopping from home is the way to go. You can shop at multiple retailers in the time it could take you to find the items you want in one store. Plus, you don’t have wait in line.

Kohls is one of the stores that is ideal for online shopping. The store is big and therefore the items you are looking for are likely spread out. My local Kohls has two floors which makes big shopping trips even more logistically challenging. Kohls is offering $15 in Kohls cash for every $50 spent (which is already going on!), both in-store and online. I like being able to see my total purchase amount in my online cart so that I can make sure I’m not falling a few dollars short of the $50 threshold. Quick math like that is hard to manage when you are at the register.

Stacking coupon codes is another reason why online shopping could get you the better deal. Stores BF1like Kohls send out coupons in the mail and via email that can often be stacked to create a deeper discount for shoppers. While these deals are typically available both in-store and online, if you don’t have the coupon in your possession when you go to the store, the store isn't required to honor the deal. If you shop at home, you can see all of the coupon codes available for that retailer, even those codes which might not have been sent directly to you. Plus, free shipping is typically a given for Black Friday shopping.

Convenience is the name of the game for online shopping. As retailers have started kicking off Black Friday deals earlier and earlier each year, online shopping can minimize the interruptions to your Thanksgiving holiday. Kohls is starting its main Black Friday deals at 6pm on Thanksgiving night. Who wants to leave the stuffing and pies to head to the store? Not me, that's for sure! It's much easier for me to place a quick online order between dinner and dessert than having to leave the house in search of the deal.

In-Store Gives You More!

I know some people just love the excitement of in-store Black Friday shopping. It is an adventure; something they do with a friend and an experience they look forward to every year. I have done both in-store and online shopping in past years, and it is always the big doorbuster deals that get me out of the house and into the store.

If you are in the market for a new TV this year, you can score one of these deals by heading to the store (as long as you pay attention to the day and time the deal is running):BF2

  • Walmart – 50-inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV for $218 (a savings of $180) and Vizio 65-inch Smart LED HDTV for $648 ($350 off)
  • Target – Element 40-inch LED HDTV for $119
  • Best Buy – Panasonic 50-inch 1080p LED LCD HDTV for $199.99

Those looking for a deal on an Apple device can find the following options available in-store:

  • Best Buy – iPad Mini 3 16GB for $324.99
  • Target – iPad Air 2 16GB with $140 gift card for $499 and iPhone 6 16GB smartphone for $179.99 with a $30 gift card
  • Sam’s Club – iPhone 6 16GB smartphone for $99
  • Walmart – iPad Mini 16GB with WiFi with $30 gift card for $199

Gaming systems, GoPro cameras, Beats by Dr Dre and more can all be found as doorbuster deals this Black Friday. Your best bet if you are looking for these items is to make sure you know the specifics of the deal before you head out. Is there only a limited number of that item being offered? When is the deal offered? How crowded is it likely going to be when you head to the store? All of these should be considered before you choose to shop in-store.

Whether you decide to head to the store or stay home with your laptop, the deals are there for the buying. Happy Black Friday!

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