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Four Tips for Surviving Black Friday

Four Tips for Surviving Black Friday
Samantha Greaves

Can you believe that Black Friday is just around the corner? This means that right now (yes, right now) is the perfect time to prepare for shopping’s biggest day. Black Friday is a day that many refer to as the Super Bowl of shopping. It’s the unofficial start to Christmas gift shopping and a great way to work off all the turkey and pumpkin pie that you’ll gobble up the day before.

Shopping during Black Friday can be exhausting. That’s why we’ve put together a list of things to do before and during the popular day so that you’re prepared for the mad rush. Here are some suggestions on how you can survive this Black Friday stress-free and with great finds.

Create a Detailed Shopping List Before You Shop

Taking just a few minutes to create a list of items that you would like to pick up this Black Friday will save you a day full of stress. Research done by a consultant firm and reported by Forbes confirmed that this Black Friday will be the busiest in eight years. With this in mind, be sure to plan ahead, knowing what it is you’d like to purchase. On your list, create two sections –one side for the items that you know for sure you can pick-up at a store for a great deal, and on the other, list items that you believe would be best ordered online. Also, when you make a list this early, you can search for current deals and get a head start on shopping by purchasing items before Black Friday. Believe it or not, some retailers offer great discounts on products a week and sometimes even months before Black Friday. For instance, flat screens and Ugg boots are reportedly priced the lowest months before the holiday rush, even lower than they are on Black Friday.

Purchase This Season’s Most Popular Items Online

More and more people will be turning their computers on and skipping visits to stores this Black iphoneFriday and for good reason. While getting great deals are possible when you visit in-store locations, some items are best ordered online. The iPhone 6, for example, is liable to draw large crowds at both Apple retailers and merchants who will sell the smartphone. Most retailers may offer great exclusive online discounts plus free shipping when you shop online. That means you get to skip the crazy lines and still get the items you want at a great deal! Another tip – make sure to share your email. Many online retailers will offer additional discounts to you on the spot if you subscribe to their newsletters, and those discounts can be stacked with current Black Friday offers. If you feel ordering online will take away from your Black Friday excitement, then the next two tips are a must for your busy Friday.

Dress as if You are Going to the Gym

Nothing takes away from a shopping groove than tired feet or uncomfortable clothing. Make sure you sport running sneakers and fleece pants or long training tights like these comfortable Adidas tights Adidas Tightsfrom Kohls ($48.99). If it will be cold where you are, make sure to add an extra layer of clothes, especially if most of your shopping will be done outside of the mall. And before you leave your house, whether you are camping out in front of a store or just leaving bright and early to arrive before the stores open, make sure you follow the final tip.

Stay Well Hydrated & Fed

Keeping a bottle of water on hand when shopping is a must since you can lose track of time going from store to store searching for the best deals. No fainting, please! Also, skip the juices and sodas for Black Friday. All of that sugar will just leave you feeling sluggish and send you home early. You can pick up this Brita water bottle from Amazon ($9.99) that has a filter so that you can refill at the nearest water fountain. Similarly, bring with you a snack, like pretzels or crackers. Anything that you can quickly nibble on and that only requires one hand to eat is always ideal.

And there they are, four tips on surviving this year’s shopping bonanza, ensuring that you walk away a Black Friday winner. May the deals be with you!

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