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Four Free Apps for Black Friday and Beyond

Four Free Apps for Black Friday and Beyond
Christina Hammarberg

The countdown to Black Friday is on, but don't waste your Turkey Day sorting, clipping and strategizing. As that old saying goes, “There's an app for that!” But, with so many Black Friday apps out there, how can you choose? We've found four that are sure to please, each with brand-new features designed for this year's rush. Download one or all to have this year's most up-to-the-second deals and steals at your fingertips all holiday season long.

Standard App Features

 We did our homework and found that most Black Friday apps are pretty consistent when it comes to keeping shoppers organized and ready to snag the best deals. They all share common features, such as: instant notifications when brand new deals or price drops are posted, customizable shopping or wish lists, in-store and online price comparison, social media links so you can share great deals with your family, friends and followers, and the ability to actually buy online through the app. So, what sets these four apart from the rest?


Black Friday 2014 by BuyVia LLCBlack_Friday_app_BuyVia

This app tops our list, because it not only boasts all of the above features, but it also allows you to sync your shopping lists, preferences and alerts on multiple devices, such as your tablet, laptop and phone. Plus, once you've selected your favorite stores, deals and products, you'll not only receive alerts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but for the rest of the year, too.


Black Friday by FatWallet

Next up is FatWallet's app. In addition to all of the standard shopping features, this one enables users to rate and comment on the Black Friday deals that they find. Best deal you've seen all night? Longest lines around? Sold out already, but the store is behind on updating the website? Let your fellow app-users know! Another bonus feature that this app boasts is store opening times, which come in handy when you're trying to plan out a shopping route.


Black Friday 2014 by SlickDealsBlack_Friday_app_SlickDeals

Much like the app above, the SlickDeals app lets you comment on deals as you shop. It also includes a calculator for each store, so you can tally up how much you've spent, or could potentially spend and stay on-budget all night.


TGI Black Friday by Ecatcher, Inc.

Finally, the TGIBF app not only lets users create shopping lists, but also lets them mark down items as they buy them for future reference. Plus, it collects deals for Cyber Monday and all year long, too.


All of these great apps are available for iOS and Android. Oh, and did we mention they're free? Load up your mobile device, grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and prepare for a full day of great deals.


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