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Five Ways to Download Music - For FREE!

Five Ways to Download Music - For FREE!
Kate Loweth

Music. It gets the blood pumping, feet dancing and heart singing. As a group fitness instructor, I am always striving to keep my music contemporary fresh and fun. That means that I need to be constantly buying new music. But, at over a dollar per song, that can quickly add up to a hefty bill.

Recently I found some great sources for fun (and FREE!) music that you can download to your mobile device or laptop. Here are some of my favorites!


Head over to the Amazon digital music page. If you search for music by price you can even choose “free” as an option (the best price, in my opinion). Currently there are over 40,000 songs available for free download. Score!

There is even better news if you are already an Amazon Prime member. Prime members can enjoy music1over a million songs and playlists at no charge for ad-free streaming on your mobile device. No internet access? You can even download these titles for offline listening.

iTunes and Google Play

Similar to Amazon, both iTunes and Google Play offer free songs available for download. Not as many songs are available there, but you may just find that gem that gets you excited about a whole new musical genre. iTunes freebies can be found in a tab called “Free on iTunes” when you are in the iTunes store. Free music and podcasts can both be found there.

Google Play offers an album of the week and a song of the week – both available for free download. Looking for some free tunes from up-and-coming artists? A selection of songs can be found on the Google Play homepage that you can stream or download without any charge.


SoundCloud is one of my favorite sources of original music for downloading. I was recently looking music2for a longer mix to use for my Zumba class – not really something that is readily available for purchase on sites like iTunes and Amazon. On SoundCloud I was able to find and download the perfect Latin mix to get the room pumping – and all for free!

Registration is free at SoundCloud and users are able to download up to 100 songs. And it is not just small-time musicians available – I’ve found some great tracks from diplo, Chris Brown and more!

Starbucks Pick of the Week

If you are as addicted to Starbucks as I am, you know that Starbucks offers a free download each week as the Pick of the Week. These used to be limited to just music but now the Pick of the Week has been expanded to include apps, book samples and more. Download this week’s freebie directly from the Starbucks app on your smartphone by selecting “Messages” from the app’s homepage, or grab the Pick of the Week card at the register the next time you are in the store to download via iTunes. Note – these have an expiration date so if you want it, redeem it right away!

With all of these options at your fingertips, you will undoubtedly find some great new tunes to keep you singing in the shower and dancing in the kitchen!

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