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DIY Closet Organization Ideas

DIY Closet Organization Ideas
Lindsay Lee

Not all of us are blessed with large closets. Even if we have decently sized closets, it can be a pain to organize and fit all of your shoes, clothes, accessories, and outerwear. Luckily, we have some easy solutions for creating a more fluid and organized space to plan your outfits and get dressed.

Analyze Your ClosetCloset Organization

The first step is creating a more streamlined closet is to figure out what you really need. The Closet+ app is really helpful in figuring it out for you! Once you upload your items along with their price, you can track when you wear them along with how much value you're getting out of them. For those pieces you're just not wearing, you can sort them into keep or discard piles. For those items that are just out of season, store them in your spare suitcases or decorative trunks around your home. It can also be helpful to put large coats and sweaters into vaccum-sealed bags for easier storage.

Maximize Hanging Space

One of the biggest opportunities for clothing is with hanging space. See where you have bare walls and make use of them! For example, your closet doors can be the perfect space for holding accessories, shoes, or handbags. Over-the-door hangers can even organize socks, undergarments, and stockings. Don't forget about the other side either! Use simple adhesive hooks to hang tomorrow's outfit!

To make use of your main closet rack, you'll want to be smart about vertical storage. For scarves or ties, simply use shower curtain hooks on a clothes hanger. It takes the same amount of space, but allows you to store multiple items. Another great option is to use soda can tabs for extra storage. Simply link them on to the arm of your clothes hanger to double your vertical space. It's an easy solution to group items together and organize categories or seasons.

Reuse Storage ContainersCloset Organization Kids

Part of the problem with most closet organization is that there is not clear spaces for particular items. Luckily, you can reuse household items to keep your closet in line. Shoeboxes are an excellent option for storing undergarments, socks, and stockings. If you have extra utensil holders, they can be used to separate your jewelry. For a dynamic earring holder, poke holes in old gift boxes or containers to hold them in place. Wine boxes or drink carriers are especially helpful for organizing shoes!

Use Above the Head Space

Unfortunately, most closets have too much unused space where we can't reach. As a solution, you'll want to store what you don't regularly need in those areas. Suitcases, sentimental items, and out-of-season garments should find a home up top. Just keep a step ladder tucked behind your clothing for easy access. For an easy way to organize, use open shipping boxes to categorize by season or style. Alternatively, you can use a simple bookcase to keep items organized. If you have room above your closet doors, you can also easily install a simple wood molding to hold shoes.

Making use of your closet has never been easier! It starts with a solid look at what you have in terms of clothing and room. You want to best analyze your closet, so get creative with the space that may not be conventionally used. You probably have a lot more room than you imagined!

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