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5 Awesome No-Dinner Wedding Ideas

5 Awesome No-Dinner Wedding Ideas
Jackie De Pape Hornick

Ceremony. I do. Cocktail hour. Dinner. Dance. Does this sound like 90% of the weddings you attend? This could even be 100% of the weddings you attend. But, it does not have to be that way. Brides love personalizing their big day with special wedding take-home favors, unique centerpieces, a surprise choreographed bridal party dance and more. Brides are even going one stop further and taking the traditional wedding dinner out of the equation. No wedding dinner? No problem. Wedding dinners are far from cheap and after attending many, many weddings it can be refreshing to attend a wedding that plays around with the more traditional format. Here are some ideas on how you can have an amazing wedding -- without serving a sit-down dinner.

Early Morning Brunch

There are a number of reasons why moving the start time of your wedding much e82150014arlier could be a fantastic idea. Think of all those summer weddings you attended where all the men were sweating profusely in their full suits and where everyone was squinting in the pictures from the bright, harsh sun. A 9 a.m. ceremony would eliminate those issues. Sitting down to eat at 10:30 a.m. instead of 7 p.m. would also save you a bundle of money. The last time I checked breakfast sausages were significantly cheaper than filet mignon. An early wedding gives you the chance to even escape on your honeymoon later that same day. Who gets to do that?

Afternoon Tea75375009

Maybe you have a lot of British relatives or maybe you are really fond of 'Downton Abbey', whatever the reason, if you feel like holding a classy tea and biscuits wedding, go for it. A small town tea house could even serve as a inexpensive wedding venue. Five star hotels who offer high tea likely come with a high price tag.

Evening Cocktail Reception

Think of how romantic it would be to exchange vows at 8 p.m. instead of in the middle of the afternoon. Candlelight and moonlight ooze romance (and the late hour could even let you get away with a no-kids wedding policy if that is something you are considering.) People who arrive at your house for an evening party do not expect dinner so why would they expect dinner if you were inviting them to an evening wedding. Cocktails and appetizers will keep the party going into the wee hours.

Just Desserts

You could hold your desserts only wedding in the middle of the afternoon or in the evening. Who does not love desserts? Think of this: Your guests are telling someone about the wedding they attended on the weekend. Will they dwell about the fact there was no dinner or will they go on and on about the endless spread of desserts? Coffee, tea, cookies, cakes, ice cream: There are endless choices. If the wedding venue you have chosen lets you incorporate homemade baking, the cost of this reception choice would really drop.

Brides and grooms are saying 'I Do' however they like these days and that includes deciding whether or not you get fed. Be sure to read the invitation so you know what to expect.

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