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Let's Get Pizza! 5 Ways to Make The Most Of Your Order

Let's Get Pizza! 5 Ways to Make The Most Of Your Order
Jackie De Pape Hornick

You could throw in a frozen pizza or make one from scratch, but there is something about picking up the phone or going online, placing an order and having a (hopefully) piping hot pizza arrive at your door. But no two pizza orders are alike. The day of the week, the number of toppings, whether the toppings are standard or specialty, all make a difference in the final tally of your bill. You can make a pizza order like a pro with these simple tips.

Never Get The Pop183880133

The classic closing line when you order a pizza is, "Would you like anything to drink with that?" The answer is no. Every time. Basically, the only drink option from most pizza establishments is a 2 liter of pop and it is ridiculously overpriced. You could get double the amount of pop at your local grocery store for the same price.

Do Not Tip Twice

When you get pizza delivered right to your home, there is a certain expectation to give a gratuity to the delivery driver who brings your order to the door. However, some pizza establishments do not offer the free delivery perk that many pizza chains offer. When you pay for delivery, it is worth asking if a portion of that charge is already being given to the driver. The tip could be built in already.

Consider Picking It Up Yourself

How close do you live to the pizza establishment that will be delivering your pizza? Will you already be driving past it on your way home from work or school? Can you walk there? If it is fairly convenient for you to simply pick up your order yourself, you can save upwards of $5 on a delivery charge. Five bucks may not sound like much, but if you consider that a pizza order may only be $25, it is a decent mark-up.

Pick The Right Day Of The Week

True, you may feel like ordering pizza on a Monday, Thursday or Sunday, but w151299999hen it comes to ordering pizza, the day of the week matters. Pizza establishments are famous for daily specials. What you pay on Tuesday likely will not be what you pay on Wednesday. Holding on to your craving for the right day of the week will save you a lot of money. And, of course, daily specials are most likely to be found on ho-hum days of the week like Monday and Tuesday and not during the weekend.

Think Of Your Pizza In Halves

Some people think the more toppings on a pizza the better. Those people have the potential to rack up quite the pizza bill. A standard pizza order seems to fall into the two-topping variety, with the addition of standard pizza toppings like extra cheese costing around $2 and specialty toppings like shrimp running even higher than that. You can satisfy your taste buds by ordering the cheap two-topping pizza, but splitting it in two. Put your ham and pineapple on one half and your pepperoni and mushroom on the other half and suddenly your two-topping pizza feels more like four.

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