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Ideas for Cheap Fall Getaways

Ideas for Cheap Fall Getaways
Linsay Thomas

The final days of summer are flying by, but that does not mean you have to say goodbye to vacations until next year. Although the hot summer months are the peak vacation times, the cool and crisp fall air can signal a perfect opportunity to plan a final getaway before the holidays get underway and make travel unbearable. In fact, if you are looking for fewer crowds and cheaper prices, fall is a great time of year to take a vacation without emptying your pocketbook. Here are some destinations to consider.


You do not have to tolerate summer crowds in order to enjoy some surf, sand and sun. From the East Coast to the West Coast, beach towns have much to offer long after Labor Day. Even in October, the weather stays sunny and warm, with temperatures in the 70s. Besides the perfect weather, you will also love the reduced hotel rates this time of year. With kids back in school come August or September, rates go back down to reasonable prices, so if you missed out on the beach this year, try to plan an October trip for huge savings.

Amusement Parks

A vacation to an amusement park might be on your list if you have a family. However, amusement parks are notorious for two things: crowds and high prices. Avoid both by traveling in the fall. This may be difficult if you have school-age children, but if you can make it work, you will save big. Plus, you will all have more fun as there will be fewer lines. As an added bonus, if you travel to California or Florida – where the majority of theme parks tend to be – during the fall, you will avoid the hot summer weather and arrive before the temperatures dip down too much.


CruiseMany cruise lines overestimate sales for some of their destinations, which means they may add ships and routes. Cruise lines then go into panic mode when September comes and these ships are only half full. To compensate, they might slash prices by as much as 70% and offer perks such as on-board credits, free Internet and even free airfare. So if you are interested in visiting Europe or the Caribbean for a fraction of the price, fall is a great time to do so.


You can find fall festivals in just about every state, but if you want to check out the fall scenery while dining on lobster and other scrumptious seafood, look for festivals on the East Coast. Vermont, Maine and Florida are homes to fun and festive events in October. These events often offer concerts that you can enjoy outdoors in the mild weather.

Local Tourist Spots

If you want to keep your getaway cheap and close to home, try a local tourist spot. Beaches, museums, historical spots, fairs, wineries, state capitols and downtown areas are great places to start. If there is a city nearby that you would like to visit, start by taking a look at its website and seeing what types of events and entertainment options it has to offer.

These ideas will hopefully help you make the most of the fall season while taking in some new sights and sounds.

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