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5 Ways to Enjoy Fall Beauty on a Budget

5 Ways to Enjoy Fall Beauty on a Budget
Tanya Sharma

Fall is a transitional period - not just for the weather (farewell, cute sandals and tank tops!), but also for beauty routines. Gone are the lightweight lotions and pastel hues, which are shelved in favor of richer formulas and more dramatic colors. While a wardrobe transition can certainly be costly, a shift in beauty regimens doesn’t have to blow your budget. Here are some wallet-friendly fall beauty tips that will make the change in seasons simple (and beautiful).

fallbeauty3Do Away With Dry Skin

One issue that consistently plagues individuals during fall is dry skin. Since it tends to get worse as the air becomes drier and heat is turned on indoors, it is important to address the problem early in the season. Otherwise, dryness may lead to cracked skin, itchy skin and, in serious cases of sensitivity, even bleeding skin (think of all that repeated hand washing - it takes its toll on the skin). Make the switch from a lightweight body moisturizer to one enriched with nourishing ingredients, like shea butter, argan oil and cocoa butter. Look for thicker formulas, such as J.R. Watkins Body Butter ($10.79) and Jergens Deep-Conditioning Shea Butter ($6.49).

Hydrate Your Pout

Dryness does not stop there. It affects everything from hair to fingernails to lips. Be sure


to cover all of the bases! While summer may find you slicking on a shiny, shimmery gloss, fall begs for something more hydrating, like Korres Lip Butter ($12), which delivers a hint of tint along with an array of pampering oils and natural extracts, or NIVEA A Kiss of Milk & Honey Soothing Lip Care ($2.99), which contains milk proteins and golden honey to drench lips with moisture.

Prep Your Hair

As temperatures drop, hair tends to suffer the consequences in the form of drier strands. The lack of moisture in the air creates the perfect environment for everything from frizz to split ends to brittleness. It is the ultimate bad hair day! Nip these problems in the bud by switching to heavy-duty products enriched with fatty acids, like L’Oreal EverCreme Nourishing Shampoo ($6.99) and Cleansing Conditioner ($6.99). Both are sulfate-free, so hair color is protected while your mane is drenched with hydration and Omega-3 and -6 protectants.

Less Heat, Less Water

It is not what anyone wants to hear, especially after they have just come inside from the bitter chill, but a shorter, less hot shower will benefit your skin. Skin loses moisture in hotter water, so it is always a smarter bet to take a lukewarm or warm shower (or bath) to avoid dehydration. This is a beauty tip that saves money on your water bill, too!

Make Your Mani Last


One thing is certain: Hand washing seems to increase tenfold come winter. It is only natural, what with colds and flus running rampant. This can do a number on your manicure, but it is easy to make it last. Grab a bottle of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel ($9.99), a nail polish that delivers vivid color and intense shine in two steps. After applying two coats of color, follow with a coat of the Miracle Gel Top Coat ($9.99). The result is two weeks of lasting color that will not budge - through hand washes, dishes and anything else you get caught up in during the season.

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