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How to Buy Concert Merchandise Any Day

How to Buy Concert Merchandise Any Day
Jackie De Pape Hornick

Your favorite musical artist is finally coming to your local city and what better way to remember what is sure to be a great night than with some merchandise from the concert. Gone are the days when the only options at the merchandise booth were T-shirts, posters, programs and more T-shirts. The options at the show are widespread -- and the options do not end when the show is over either. Thanks to online shopping you can buy concert merch before and after the show, without even buying a concert ticket and even at the same prices as at the show.

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Whether your ticket is for Beyonce or Justin Timberlake, if you are a superfan who wants a super souvenir, it is time to do your research. Check to see if the artist has a merchandise store online. It is becoming more and more common. Now that you have found Beyonce's store, here is your chance to shop in peace -- no throng of pushy, noisy fans trying to get their merchandise quickly before the lights go down and the show begins. You can look at sizing charts, merchandise options and pricing, so you can have a good idea what you may want to buy before the show.

Another option is the Sidestep app. It markets itself as the way to skip the line and order concert merchandise on your phone that can be either picked up at the concert (at a table near the other merchandise booths) or shipped to an address of your choice.

During the Showjt

Check out the merchandise table fairly soon after you arrive at the concert. You can see how the in-person options compare to the online ones. There may be a few unique items that can only be purchased at the show. If there is a 'must-have' item you have not seen online before, scoop it up while you can. Keep in mind though that purchases you make before the show begins will be staying with you all night long. This is not a big deal for a bracelet or sticker, but a poster or large hoodie could be problematic, especially if you have standing room only 'seats' on the floor section.

After the Show

Concert merchandise booths often remain open as the thousands begin slowly flocking out of the arena and out to their flocks. Do not get too excited though. Just because it is the end of the night, it does not mean you will find anything on sale. This is when you might get stuck with an XXL T-shirt when you really wanted a medium, because that is all they have left. If all that is left is slim pickings, you may be better off saving your money and trying your luck online afterwards. For example, it is still not too late to get your merch from the Vans Warped Tour.

Whether you buy your merch that night, months in advance or the next day, enjoy whatever you choose.

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