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6 Ways to Identify a Coupon-Friendly Cashier

6 Ways to Identify a Coupon-Friendly Cashier
Susan Smith

Have you ever gone to a store with a pile of coupons only to have the store reject them? Well, the truth of the matter is that it is not always the store that rejects them. Who you get for a cashier is a very important part of the equation. Knowing who to go to can end up saving you a load of cash on your order. Check out these helpful tips for finding the right cashier.

Watch a Cashier with Other Customerscashier lanes

Sometimes it isn’t always about being in a rush. If you frequent a store, take the time to wait in different lines and notice how a cashier treats the other customers. You’ll soon notice a pattern. Some are very slow and chatty, others are not friendly at all but get your items scanned really fast. If the person in front of you has a really large order, watch how they are treated. Did they use any coupons? Did the cashier take them? Observing how a cashier interacts with other customers means that you’ll know what to expect when you get to the front of the line.

Test Out Your Observations

Before you bring a whole book of coupons in, test the waters with a small order. If you bring a coupon that expired yesterday and the cashier still lets you use it, that is a coupon-friendly cashier. If you put the right items in your cart, but the register won’t let you use the coupon, a coupon-friendly cashier will just take the amount of the coupon off from your total at the end. These small actions can mean great savings in the future. Be sure to take note and check out with the same person whenever they are working.

Know the Store’s Coupon Policycashier coupon pile

Each retail store has their own coupon policy. Some do not accept printed internet coupons. Others will price match to other stores flyers. If you aren’t sure if your coupon is going to be accepted, do a quick Google search for the store’s coupon policy. You may find that they have it all spelled out online for ease of access, like this post about Walmart’s coupon policy. If you find out that your coupon is good, but you’ve had trouble with it before, print out a copy of the store rules to take along with you. It may help you when you get to the register.

Who Gets the Final Word?

In the end, it is usually the store manager that has the final say about accepting a store coupon. Even if you have the store policy right in your hands, it sometimes is not enough to get a store manager to accept it. If you are sure your coupon is legit, ask to speak to a manager. They may be able to help you out. Or try taking it to another store. A different manager at a different store may have a different take on the same coupon.

Thank Your Cashier with Comments

When you find a coupon-friendly cashier, be sure to thank them with a positive comment card. Most stores have them available at customer service. Positive feedback is great for them, and they will really appreciate it. You can also ask to speak to their manager and put in a good word for them. Do not try to give them gifts! They can be fired for that, so it will actually do more harm than good.

Know Who to Avoid

Have you had a problem with a cashier previously? Did the cashier checking out the person in front of your reject a whole bunch of coupons? Don’t be afraid to get out of line and go to another checkout lane. It could save you money in the end. If you don’t want to offend anyone, just act like you forgot something.

It isn’t just your imagination. Use your powers of observation to help you score the best price possible. The whole idea behind couponing is that every dollar that you can save really starts to add up. Be sure to know how to make the most out of each shopping trip. Don’t let go of a coupon-friendly cashier!


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