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5 Tips to Tone Up Your Cell Phone Bill

5 Tips to Tone Up Your Cell Phone Bill
Susan Smith

Cell phones are quickly becoming a necessity in the modern day world. Gone are the days when you can find a payphone on the side of the road to make a quick call. Schools no longer have public phones like they did when we were kids. Everyone is expected to carry a phone in their pocket, and it is weird if you don’t. But of course this convenience comes with a price. Follow a few simple tips to saving on another monthly bill, and you’ll be calling your best friend to let them know.

Always Check the Discount Listcell phone savings 1

Each carrier has a list of companies and professions that qualify for discounts on monthly plans. Usually this means you have to lock into a contract, but sometimes it is worth the savings. On the AT&T website, enter your work or school email address to see if you qualify. On Verizon’s website, you can register your account to see if you are eligible. On Sprint’s website, you can enter your phone number and they will send you more information. Eligible occupations include military, veterans, students, teachers, government workers, community organizations, and your employer may offer discounts as well. Be sure to ask when you are shopping so that you get the best deal available.

Look for Free Apps

You may or may not be aware that there are a ton of free apps out there that allow you to use the internet to make and receive calls. Putting one of these apps to use will allow you to cut down on the amount of minutes you need to purchase on your monthly plan. These apps are only useful if you are somewhere where you have a wifi connection, so think carefully about where you make most of your calls. Google Voice, FaceTime and Skype are all good options for video calling. HeyWire, iMessage and Text+ allow you to text for free. Check out which ones work with your phone and cut the amount of minutes that you pay for each month.

Use Wificell phone buttons

Use wifi whenever it is available. If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you should know all of your friend’s wifi passwords, the local cafe passwords, and anywhere else you can get free wifi. Going over your allotted data is one of the most expensive things you can do on you bill. Set up your phone to alert you as to when you are coming close to your allotted data. This way you can be sure not to go over. Just be sure that you know that when using a public wifi hotspot, you should never enter sensitive information like credit card numbers or banking passwords. You never know who is watching your activity.

Use a Free Website

There are several free websites available that offer guidance on how to lower your monthly cell phone bill. Plug in your cell phone number, and the website can look up how much data, minutes and texts you use regularly. Then it will send you an email with the best plans for your usage. Take this email down to your carrier and ask them to switch you plan. It could save you a lot of money! Two of these sites are and

Check Your Bill Monthly

In the days of auto pay, so many of us don’t even bother to check our monthly statements. But checking your bill is one of the best things you can do to ensure that you are not getting charged for something that doesn’t belong there. There are many different ways you can accrue extra charges on your bill that go above and beyond your normal usage. Apps sometimes have ads that charge you for clicking on them, even accidentally. Buying an app you didn’t mean to, or one of your kids purchasing an app can really add up. Roaming charges are almost obsolete, but they do still exist. Looking at your bill every month will give you a chance to check out these extra charges and call your cell phone provider to prevent them in the future.

Be proactive about your cell phone bill. Your wireless company is probably not going to call you to tell you when new discounts are available, so the more you pay attention, the better chance you have at saving some extra cash. Check your bill monthly and don’t be afraid to call your local office to clear things up.

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