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What to Buy/What Not to Buy in August

What to Buy/What Not to Buy in August
Linsay Thomas

For the most part, August heralds the end of the summer. People are taking one last vacation before putting away the swimsuits. Kids are getting ready to hit the books and prepare for another school year. Those who have some free time to spare might think about hitting the malls or doing some online shopping. However, in order to score the best deals, you need to time your shopping right. That means there are some things you should hold off on buying in August and some things you should definitely purchase during this month.

Buy: School/Office Supplies

Although some retailers start back-to-school sales in July and (gasp!) even June, you’re better off waiting until August to score the best deals. Although you will see great deals on the basics – notebooks, folders, pencils and paper – you might also see deep discounts on backpacks, computer desks and even laptops.

Buy: Clothing

With the back-to-school season comes the need for new outfits, so expect to see discounts on clothing, especially shirts and shoes. Note that jean prices typically drop in July and then again in October/November, so if you are in need of a new pair of Levi’s, shop early or expect to wait a few months. Otherwise, you will likely pay full price.

Patio set

Buy: Outdoor Entertaining Items

If you wait until the end of August, you can snag a great deal on a new grill or patio set. That’s because these items take up a lot of space and home improvement stores such as Lowe’s, Home Depot and Sears want to make room for new items. So if you are willing to wait, you might be able to save as much as 90%.

Buy: Hotels

With many kids going back to school in early August, the hotels may be near deserted by the end of the month. Therefore, some hotels offer coupons and discounted rates in order to fill those empty rooms. So if one more vacation is in your plans, shoot for the end of August during the week for the best rates.

Don't Buy: Home Appliances

Of course, if your refrigerator is no longer keeping your food cool or if your washer will not clean your clothes anymore, holding off on a new appliance purchase will be impossible. But if you are able to hold off until October – instead of August – you can save as much as 25%.

Don't Buy: Mobile Phones

Hankering for a fancy new smartphone? You are better off waiting. New models tend to come out in September, so if you can wait until then – or even October – you can score a better deal on last year’s model.


Don't Buy: Fall/Winter Clothes

You might think you would score a deal by buying your winter clothes early – while it is still summer. However, if you want to see discounts of up to 70%, wait until the end of the year and shop for those sweaters and jackets after Christmas.

Don't Buy: Bicycles

This one is a toss-up. Some retailers offer great deals in August and September, while others save their big sales for the holiday season – November and December. If you are in need of a new bike or want to surprise your child with one for Christmas, research prices at your local sporting goods stores.


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