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Top 3 Baby Products That Pull Double Duty

Top 3 Baby Products That Pull Double Duty
Jackie De Pape Hornick

When you make the leap from having one kid to two, the last thing you want to do is also double the amount of kid stuff in your house. It is possible to double the kids without doubling the stuff with a little foresight. Planning for two right from the day you are handed your firstborn will save you a lot of money, a lot of clutter and a lot of time spent researching products. If you know you do not plan at stopping at one, here's what I recommend to put at the top of your baby shower list.

Double Stroller

It may feel strange to be looking at double strollers when you are not expecting twins and you do not even have one baby yet. But, if you plan to have two children at some point under the ages of four, you are going to want to shoot for the long term on this one. You are probably thinking that a double stroller is probably twice the price. That is the great news: It is in the exact same price range as a single stroller. So, instead of buying a single stroller now and then having to buy another stroller when baby number two arrives, save yourself nearly $200 and go for the double. A Sit N Stand Stroller lets you set up the stroller in multiple ways -- you can use the 'bucket' car seat when you have an infant with your toddler sitting in the front or you can have a toddler sitting in the front while your older child sits or stands (hence the clever product name) on the back.


104625961A wagon is another child transportation item that can be bought with one child in mind or multiple. The Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon is cute and nostalgic, but good luck fitting two children in it. I cannot imagine pulling two of those at the same time would be particularly fun either. Step 2 sells a variety of wagons designed for two, complete with a side door, seat belts, a storage compartment and even seat-backs or a roof for more deluxe models. Even if you just have one child right now; trust me, you will find a way to fill the other side of that wagon (with beach towels, snacks or even just the sticks your child wants to collect on walks.)

Baby Carrier

I know what you are thinking: How am I possibly going to carry two children in a baby carr499898829ier? Now, this is an item that is only for only baby and maxes out around 30 pounds, so why did it make this list? A baby carrier is a great product for juggling the needs of both of your young children. This product allows you to keep up with your older child while your littlest bundle of joy hangs out or catches a few winks. Baby carriers are also awesome for when you are out and about at places that are not particularly stroller-friendly. You can navigate to chase after your older child much faster without a stroller getting in the way and with your hands free.

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