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Saving Money (and Time) With Google Shopping Express

Saving Money (and Time) With Google Shopping Express
Kate Loweth

One of my favorite ways to kill some time is wandering the aisles of Target and Costco. But when I’m trying to cut back on my spending, that activity can be pretty dangerous because it often leads to unneeded purchases (like that clearance fondue pot that ended up in my cart because it was such a great deal). My solution: Google Shopping Express (GSX).

If you are lucky enough to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Manhattan or Los Angeles, chances Google Express itemsare you have seen the white and blue delivery trucks around your neighborhood as these are the current test markets for this awesome service. But don’t fear! Plans are underway to expand beyond these areas very soon and you can sign up on their website to receive a notification when the service is coming to your city.

What is Google Shopping Express?

GSX provides you with the opportunity to shop local stores online and get your items delivered to you on the same day. Yes, THE SAME DAY! That’s the amazing part! You can place an order from stores like Costco, Target, Whole Foods and REI and your items will be dropped on your front porch within a delivery window selected by you.

Recently I had a busy week with kids’ activities and work and I knew it would be hard for me to get to Costco before Saturday when I needed to provide snacks for the t-ball game. I was able to place an order in the morning and my juices, snacks and bottled water were at my door when I brought the kids home from school! It really was that easy. You do have to be a Costco member in order to shop at Costco via GSX but other than that, there are few limitations to shopping with GSX. You can even enter your store loyalty numbers in your GSX account so that you are getting those benefits when you shop on GSX.

My favorite feature is that you can place an order that includes items from multiple stores. My last order included toilet paper from Target, water and juice from Costco, olive oil from Smart & Final and a kite from REI. Not only did I get some great deals but I was able to save the gas that I would have used driving to these four stores.

How Can Google Shopping Express Save Me Money?Google Express shop

As I mentioned above, GSX can help you limit your shopping to only those items you really need. Another way it helps you save is by allowing you to comparison shop from your own home. I entered “size 3 diapers” in the search box and sorted the results from lowest to highest price. By doing this I was able to see that Smart & Final was offering the best price on the name-brand diaper but if I wanted store brand then Target was the way to go.

If you are looking to give GSX a try, make sure you take advantage of any membership offers. Currently the GSX website is advertising six months of free delivery and $10 off your first order. Also be on the lookout for a referral link after you place your first order where you can refer your friends and get $15 off.

Who Could Benefit From This Service?

Everyone, but the service is particularly helpful for people who have mobility issues (like the elderly) or even a mom with a new baby. I would have loved to receive a GSX gift card after the birth of my kids because having diapers delivered to my house is my idea of heaven.

I could also see the benefit of using it to deliver particularly heavy items like dog food or beverages. Or if you were hosting a summer BBQ and needed some last minute items, GSX could save the day.

What Doesn’t GSX Include?

Unfortunately, GSX is not able to deliver perishable foods. So you can’t get a gallon of milk or veggies delivered. It also only has a limited selection of items available, not the entire stock of the included stores. I was looking for the Kirkland brand coffee at Costco and only decaf was available, for example.

That being said, Google Shopping Express is a great way to save some money and also time which is worth a lot!

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