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Three Thrifty Tips From a Confessed Nordstrom Addict

Three Thrifty Tips From a Confessed Nordstrom Addict
Kate Loweth

Nordstrom. What a wonderful place. They have a café, a piano player providing calming entertainment while you shop and the Ladies’ Lounge – seriously, the Ladies’ Lounge is nicer than my master bathroom. I could spend some serious time (and money!) at Nordstrom.

While I love to spend my afternoon strolling through Nordstrom, what I do not love is to overpay there. That’s why I try to keep these three easy tips in mind so that I can maximize my dollar when I head to my fashion paradise.

Tip 1: Maximize the Plastic PerksNordstrom rewards

If you shop at Nordstrom like I do, chances are you carry around some Nordstrom plastic in your wallet. The Nordstrom credit card offers great perks not available to your everyday shopper. And the good news is that Nordstrom now also offers a store debit card that draws directly from your bank account and therefore doesn’t carry any interest charges. Bonus!

Nordstrom debit and credit card holders are enrolled in Nordstrom Rewards, where you get points for all purchases. Points are accumulated and once you reach the magic threshold of 2,000 points, the cardholder receives a $20 Nordstrom Note which is equivalent to a gift card that you can use in-store or online. You can further maximize the benefits of this program by shopping on designated double and triple points days, where you can accumulate points even faster.

One of my favorite Nordstrom Rewards perks (and probably the least known) is the $100 in free alterations for items purchased on the Nordstrom card. Great for those who find pants to be too long or dresses too big.

Rewards members also receive invites to special in-store events and early shopping for big sales. Hands down the best is Anniversary Sale early access. You get access to the best deals of the year a full eight days before all the common folk!

Tip 2: Mark Your Calendar

The Anniversary Sale is my Christmas in July. The catalog comes in the mail and I know that Santa is almost here! The deals are so hot during this sale that items will sell out during the preview days before non-cardholders have even had a chance to buy them. Crazy!

In addition to the Anniversary sale in July, Nordstrom holds the Half-Yearly Sale for Women and Kids in May and November. The Half-Yearly Sale for Men is held in June and late-December. These are great times to look for sizzling deals for you and your family.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget The RackNorstrom Rack

It’s true. After a long day of shuttling three kids around to a million activities, sometimes I like hand over the bedtime duties to my husband and spend an hour wandering the aisles of Nordstrom Rack. Lucky for me it is right down the street.

The Rack is the off-price little sister of Nordstrom where a savvy shopper can find some stellar deals with a little digging. You have to be prepared for the hunt when you hit The Rack – you won’t have any plush couches to sit on while you try on shoes but you just might find a fab pair of Toms at half off.

Shoes are my favorite item to purchase at The Rack. Everything available is stacked on shelves for style shoppers to grab. While this does provide a lot of eye-candy, it can also be difficult to find what you are looking for. I try to keep in mind one item I am targeting so that I can focus on a certain style or color and not get overwhelmed by the many options.

Find something you like but not in your size? Ask a sales associate to look in the computer system to see if your size is available at that store or one nearby. The issue could be that a previous shopper ditched it in the wrong section and you might have to come back another day to see if it returns to its rightful home.

The Rack also offers all the Nordstrom Rewards perks that Nordstrom does so you have no choice but to get a good deal there!

If you follow these three tips, you will be well on your way to shopping savvy at Nordstrom!


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