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Shop the Best Back-to-School Deals, No Kids Required

Shop the Best Back-to-School Deals, No Kids Required
Christina Hammarberg

It's Back-to-School time! Wedged between Fourth of July and Labor Day, this fifth season is the time when most of the biggest retail stores roll out huge deals on essentials for the upcoming school year. No kids? No problem! Just because a sale is labeled “Back-to-School” doesn't mean it's not for you. There are savings to be found on everything from backpacks to bedding.

Stationery and Office Suppliesback to school supplies

This may go without saying, but just in case: school supplies and office supplies are basically the same thing. Maybe you don't need a superhero or princess lunchbox (but if you do, I promise not to judge), but you probably need notebooks, clear tape, computer paper, pens, highlighters, etc. Personally, I use the great sales at this time of year to stock up for the entire year. Most stores will have deep discounts on well-known brands, but store brands are often on sale for just pennies! Back-to-School sales are a great time to shop for arts and crafts supplies, too!


Paper or electronic, you're bound to get a great deal on books at this time of year, and not just in the children's section! Classic literature and literature sets are your best bet for a discount, as they are likely to be required reading for local high school and college students. The same goes for reference books such as dictionaries, atlases or foreign language manuals. Check out your local booksellers for late summer deals, too, like BOGO paperbacks. That way you can save on every book you buy.


Okay, so most of the clothing and shoe deals are indeed directed at kids and teens. My advice? Shop anyway. You'll be surprised at how much “grown-up” merchandise is on sale, too. Men's and women's items aren't always advertised in the official Back-to-School fliers, but keep your eyes peeled once you get to the store.  Often, these items are discounted without fanfare, or they're part of end-of-summer sales. Either way, you're guaranteed to get some rock-bottom prices.

Housewares and Furnitureback to school sale

In the market for a new couch? Maybe you need a microwave? Now is the perfect time to shop around for them. Don't forget: kids aren't the only ones heading back to class in the fall. Just think of all those teens and young adults who are in the market to furnish their collegiate home away from home. As a result, there are plenty of deals on dorm essentials, and I don't just mean futons. You'll find great sales on things like linens, kitchenware, home décor and – my personal favorite – storage.

Technology and Accessories

Students of all ages use technology for school these days, so lucky for us, these items also get marked down in time for the fall. Look for deals on laptops, tablets, printers and scanners. And, of course, all of the accessories and gadgets that go along with them.

The bottom line? Most stores are eager to clear out their inventory to make room for all of the holiday merchandise (yes, I said it!). While there's no reason to wait if you see something you want on sale, keep your eyes peeled for the best deals after Labor Day.

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