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Oh Baby! 3 Cheap Alternatives to Expensive Baby Items

Oh Baby! 3 Cheap Alternatives to Expensive Baby Items
Jackie De Pape Hornick

Your little bundle of joy has arrived. Sure it may have teeny tiny fingers and toes and fit in your arm like a football, but this small baby will have big needs. Whether they are gifted to you at a baby shower, are beloved hand-me-downs from friends or are items you have bought yourself, your home is about to turn into baby world. And the rule of thumb seems to be -- the smaller the baby, the bigger the stuff. Seeing as babydom is a small window of time, do you really need all the expensive bells and whistles to raise your little one? No. Save some money for baby's college fund by buying these cheap alternatives to pricey baby items instead.

Skip White Noise Machine; Buy App Instead

On many must-have items for babies lists, you will see a white noise machine. This invention is as it sounds, playing simple static for hours on end to keeping babies sleeping peacefully at all costs (whether the door bell rings or you empty the dishwasher.) Sounds like it should be cheap, right? The average white noise machine retails around $80. But, you don't need one. You could buy a white noise app for $1.99 at the iTunes store and toss your iPod in baby's room for the night and say see you in the morning. If you do not have an iPod you are willing to part with during nap or bedtime, you could also burn the file onto a CD and play the CD on repeat on a CD player that is likely gathering dust somewhere in your house.

high chair

High Chairs Are For Eating

It may sound obvious, but let's take a moment to remember that high chairs are for eating. So, why do they sell fancy high chairs (priced over $150) that have built-in toys? Worse still, many of these high-end chairs are covered in materials that while they claim wipe clean easily only do so for so long. The best high chair around is also one of the cheapest you will find. Look no further than the Ikea High Chair, priced at $24.99. Even better, you can buy it in just plain white, so that for once you can own a baby item that is not in primary colors.

A Sterilizer Costs How Much?

Every parent is different, but I have heard this expression before -- first baby: bottles are sterilizesterilizerd; second baby: bottles get the dishwasher; third baby: bottle gets the sniff test. General rule of thumb is that you are to sterilize a baby's bottle for the first few months of life. However, before you shell out $40 to $80 on a bottle sterilizer, it is probably a good idea to see if you are planning to use a lot of bottles or if you primarily intend to breastfeed. It may not be worth it at all if you only plan to give baby bottles on date nights. The no-cost alternative is to boil the bottles on the stove for 10 minutes in a pot.

We want to know, what baby items did you buy that ended up being a waste of money?

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