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Finding the Best Summer Gym Deals

Finding the Best Summer Gym Deals
Christina Hammarberg

Maybe you kinda, sorta slacked on your New Year's resolution to join a gym this year. Now summertime is here and that adorable bikini is looking awfully...teeny. No need to panic! If you think you cannot get a great deal on a gym membership once the weather gets warmer, think again. January is not the only time of year when membership prices drop. So ditch those oversize tees and shape up with summer deals.

Shop Savvy in the Second Quartergym girl

According to the second quarter of the year—late May through July—is the best time to sign up at a gym. Surprising, right? As consumers, we have come to expect that the best gym deals are at the beginning of the year, because that is when most of them are doing hardcore advertising. While you can certainly get a great deal in January, there is plenty of opportunity to get an even better one just a few months later.

Fitness website, explains that the reason the second quarter of the year yields the best gym deals is because summertime typically brings a significant drop in gym attendance, unlike late December or early January when everyone is eager to burn off every last holiday cookie. By March or April, the resolution crowd has begun to dwindle, and once the weather really starts to warm up, many gym regulars also let their membership renewals fall by the wayside in favor of exercising outside or going away on vacation. This double whammy often means that gyms see their lowest attendance of the year during the second quarter, and as a result, they are eager to get more members through their doors.

Pump Up Your Walletgym Planet Fitness

Many national gym chains, such as 24HourFitness, Gold's Gym or PlanetFitness offer special discounted membership packages, trial memberships and pay-as-you-go types of deals for those looking to cash in on summertime savings. Many are willing to be flexible with membership terms, as well, so speak up! And be sure to keep your eyes peeled; memberships deals, even for big chains, tend to vary per region or even per individual location. Check out weekly coupon circulars, community websites or just stop by and ask.

Sparkpeople also recommends shopping at the end of the month. Most gyms have monthly membership goals and may be willing to negotiate a lower rate in order to meet a new member quota. This is also good tip to keep in mind if you are already a member and due for a renewal. It may require a bit of friendly haggling, but you just might be able to talk your way into a great bargain.

Other Fitness Deals

If joining a “big name” is not really your thing, there are plenty of other ways to shape up this summer. If you do not already have access to a fitness facility, it is worth checking out membership fees at your local YMCA, which offers low-cost sports and recreational facilities that are accessible to people of all ages.

But, if you're not really the gym type at all, you can still look great in your tank tops and shorts by working out in the comfort of your own home. Lifehacker says that in addition to gym memberships, summer is also a great time to save on home gym equipment. The same concept applies: most folks are heading outside and not bothering to spend on new treadmills, stationery bikes and other indoor machines. Take advantage of this trend and shop around for deals around the summer holiday sales, such as Memorial Day or Independence Day.

Summer is also yard sale season, so if you are a bit more adventurous when it comes getting a great deal (and do not mind purchasing something used) peruse local tag or yard sales for your get-fit equipment.

See? It is not too late to get in shape. Shop these summer gym deals and it will be you, not your wallet, that is gets lean!


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