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5 Secrets to Winning Giveaways and Contests

5 Secrets to Winning Giveaways and Contests
Alison Storm

I win a lot of contests. I've won everything from thousands of dollars in free dental services and electronics to gift certificates and designer pillows. Some people call me lucky, but the truth is I've just figured out how to increase my odds. If you want to send some luck your way check out these five secrets to winning giveaways and contests.

Enter OftenGiveaway random

Hardly a week goes by when I don't win something and that's not because I'm any luckier than the next guy. The truth is, I just enter a whole lot of drawings. Want to win more contests? Then try entering more of them. It's not rocket science. Your odds of winning will only increase the more times you put your name in the hat. If you never enter a giveaway then you'll never win one either. Feel like your friend or family member gets all the good fortune when it comes to winning stuff? It may just be that they're better at entering.

Make Your Form Stand Out

Before the internet my sister and I spent many summer days entering coloring contests or giveaways we saw advertised in the back of magazines. We always took an extra step to make our entries stand out. We colored the envelope. Sounds simple but to this day we think that figuring out a way to set your entry apart from the rest of the crowd increased our odds of winning. Another quick way to do this is by simply crumpling up your entry form a little bit. By giving the paper a unique texture the person drawing the winner may be more likely to pull yours out of the bucket.

Know Where to Look

The best giveaways are the ones that require a little digging. If a giveaway or contest is highly promoted then chances are a whole lot of people are entering it. And that means your odds of winning plummet. The ideal contest only has a handful of entries. So where do you find giveaways to enter? Check out these sources:

Don't Always Take the Easy Way Outgiveaway entry

Another rule of thumb is that the contests that are the easiest to enter are usually the ones with the most entries. Giveaways that require people to make any extra effort usually receive much less response. So don't let having to create a short entry video or write a photo caption stop you from entering the contest. It may take a little extra time, but hopefully it will pay off in the end.

Check Your Email

One of my job duties is to facilitate a monthly giveaway. I randomly choose a winner and contact that winner via Facebook to let them know they won. Nearly half the time I never hear back from the winner. Or sometimes, months later they'll respond saying that my message went into their "other" box on Facebook and they'll ask if they can still claim their prize. Unfortunately prizes can have an expiration date. So check your spam box or the dreaded "other" box for Facebook messages. There may just be a prize hiding in their waiting for you to claim it.

What prizes have you won from entering a giveaway or contest? We'd love to hear just how lucky our readers are!


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  1. Stephanie

    I call B.S. some people ARE more lucky than others. I just counted my daily folders and currently I am entering over 300 daily sweepstakes a day. I also enter many one time entries PLUS Twitter and Facebook contests every day. I spend over 7 hours a day doing this hobby and I see the same people winning over and over again. I don't think I am not winning from lack of trying! So yes I am extremely unlucky and sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time, but I have nothing better to do with my life so when I wake up tomorrow I will be right back at it.

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