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3 Reasons to Abandon Your Online Shopping Cart

3 Reasons to Abandon Your Online Shopping Cart
Jackie De Pape Hornick

There's something in your cart. Would you like to go back and complete your purchase?

Not every item we click on to add to a shopping bag or shopping cart when online shopping actually ends up being ordered. Far from it! And, retailers have noticed. So much so, that "abandoned cart recovery" is a very real industry term for using email marketing to try and recover the sale. There could be a variety of reasons why you did not complete the sale in the first place. Perhaps the website timed out, or the final total once taxes and shipping were included was much more than you anticipated, or maybe it was simply that your credit card was in another room and you were too lazy to go get it. There are many reasons why we sometimes do not see an online order through to completion. But, there can be benefits to saving that shopping cart for later when you are not in a rush to get an item. All you need to get started is to make sure that when you are online shopping you are logged into the retailer's website (with an email address attached to the account). They cannot try to lure you back to complete the order if they cannot email you.

The Wish List

The online shopping cart's cousin is the "wish list." If you are not ready to commit to adding an item to your cart, many retailers give you the option of adding the item to your wish list instead. Add a bunch of items to an wish list for example and you may not need to go back regularly to price watch. Amazon loves to bedemail you when the price of items in your wish list drops.

Look What's Waiting in Your Cart

One of Bed Bath & Beyond's abandoned cart emails couldn't have said it better: "Look What's Waiting in your Online Cart!" There it is - a 20% discount waiting for you to entice you to finish your order. Not every retailer does this and it may not even happen every time you try to outsmart them by walking away, but good things can happen to those you wait. The discount email is the best kind of abandoned cart email to receive.

The Secret Sale


One of Walgreen's abandoned cart emails gives the promise of additional discounts on items that were saved in the shopping cart, but does not divulge the value of the discount in the email itself. Hence, you need to click on the email that will take you right to your shopping cart (right where they want you) to find out what it is. If the deal is good, you can just say thank you and complete the deal.

The only big question remaining is how long you should wait? It is unlikely you will receive an email from a retailer within 24 hours of walking away from your order, but if you have not received an email within a week, it is a safe bet, you never will for that particular sale.

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