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Home Decorators Collection - Create the Ideal Home Office

Home Decorators Collection - Create the Ideal Home Office
Christina Ross

If you're allowed the opportunity to work from home, consider yourself lucky. You'll have no commute or office politics to deal with, plus you get to work in your pajamas. But you do need to think about one thing: an office space. The couch or dining room table may work temporarily, but in order to make a work-from-home situation last for the long term, you need to create an office space that allows you to be organized and productive. Here are some ways to make it happen:

  • Think storage – It’s easy for clutter to make its way into your office space. Invest in shelving, filing cabinets and bookcases to store paperwork, books, office supplies and other work-related materials. Everything should have its own home. You can never have too much storage.
  • Consider the technology you will need – If you have a home office, you'll likely need a computer, monitor and printer, at the very least. That means you'll need adequate electrical sockets to keep all these gadgets up and running. Purchase several surge protectors that you can keep around the office.
  • Comfort is key – If you’re going to spend eight hours or more a day in your home office, it's imperative that you have a comfortable chair. Ditch the uncomfortable chair from the dining room table and invest in an ergonomic chair that's padded and adjustable so you don't wind up with back and shoulder problems at the end of the workday.
  • Don’t forget lighting – It’s difficult to get any work done if you can’t see what you’re doing. You don’t have to redo the lighting in the entire room, but it’s a good idea to consider adding an additional lamp or two to ensure you have enough lighting for your workspace.

Home Decorators Collection has everything you need to create a functional home office, from desks to bookcases to shelving. For a super organized space, check out their storage outlet center.


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