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Grocery Savings Apps: Ibotta and Checkout 51

Grocery Savings Apps: Ibotta and Checkout 51
Alison Storm

If you're a regular here at chances are you use and love coupons. You already know they can be a great way to significantly reduce your grocery bill. But on top of the coupons you're already clipping and printing there are two apps that can help you save even more off your grocery bill: Ibotta and Checkout 51. I'll explain how each app works and what kind of cash you can expect to save using these free tools.


About: Ibotta is a free app that offers exclusive rebates for a variety of products at big name retailers around the world.

How it Works: Shoppers can unlock rebates for products by completing small tasks. These tasks can include watching short videos, liking something on Facebook or answering a quick question. Once you unlock the rebate you must buy the product. You then scan in your receipt by taking pictures of it. You will also have to scan the bar code of the correct product in order to verify your purchase. Once you submit those two items Ibotta will process it. If everything is correct the rebate money will be added to your account.

Payout Minimum: $5

Awesome Features: Users can earn $5 by getting friends to sign up through their customized referral link. The friend must redeem at least one rebate in order to get the $5 deposited in your account. Ibotta also offers bonuses from time to time when you complete three rebates at a time. Another cool feature with Ibotta is that earnings can either be deposited into a linked PayPal or venmo account or it can be used to purchase gift cards to places like Starbucks, Regal Entertainment Group or iTunes. For coffee or movie addicts this is a great way to earn extra cash for things that may not fall into your normal spending budget.

Negatives: Some of the rebates offered are for rather obscure products. If you buy something just to get the Ibotta rebate you won't end up ahead. However, couponers will notice from time to time Ibotta rebates are offered on products that can be purchased on sale or with a coupon.

Checkout 51checkout 51

About: Checkout 51 is a free app offering cashback on about 25 new products each week.

How it Works: Every Thursday morning new offers are listed on the Checkout 51 app. Pick the ones you like best and purchase the products at any store. Scan your receipt and Checkout 51 will process it. Once approved the money will be deposited into your account. First-time users will get a $2 bonus. You must reach $20 in order to cash out. A check will be mailed to you.

Payout Minimum: $20

Awesome Features: Checkout 51 works at any store, not just certain retailers as with Ibotta. Online stores also qualify for Checkout 51 rebates. Typically the app offers a chance to win $500 in cash for any one who uploads a receipt showing a shopping trip over $60. You won't earn anything for it, but you'll get a shot at a big prize.

Negatives: Offers are available in limited quantities, so it's best to act fast. If you wait until Wednesday night to do your shopping the deal you were hoping to get may be gone. The offers are based on your past purchases so your offers may be different than your friend's offers.


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