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Earning Money For Your School With Shoparoo

Earning Money For Your School With Shoparoo
Kate Loweth

The cost of education is rising and it puts our schools in a tough financial position – do they cut “extras” like art and music? Or do they ask the parents for contributions to keep these activities available? Neither is a great option. That is why many schools resort to fundraising, whether it is through selling chocolate bars and tins of popcorn or collecting Box Tops for Education.

How Is Shoparoo Different?shoparoo phone

The Shoparoo app is a great way for a savvy school to raise money without having to ask parents for anything more than a small amount of their time. Plus, it is easy for parents and requires no work on the part of the school to receive contributions.

Shoparoo is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. The only requirement is that the device have a functioning camera. Once you have downloaded the app, you can select the cause you would like to support. You can use the app’s search function to find a school near you or search by school name. Another option is to support a national charity such as the March of Dimes or the American Red Cross.

How Does it Work?

Shop, snap and save. It literally is as easy as that. You do your normal shopping and save your receipt. Within 14 days of shopping you will need to snap a picture of your receipt and upload it via the Shoparoo app to earn points called “Roo Points.” These Roo Points accumulate and translate into funds for your school!

Receipts can be submitted from any grocery store, supercenter (such as Target or Walmart), club store, dollar store, drug store, convenience store, liquor store or pet store. Even your corner mom and pop store is eligible. You can submit up to a maximum of 20 receipts per 7-day period.

I like to save all of my receipts until the end of the week and spend a few minutes submitting them all at one time. You just select the camera option on the app and snap a picture of each receipt (making sure to capture the date and receipt total). Once the receipt has been uploaded, it will be verified by the app (usually within a few hours) and points will be deposited into your school’s account. Done! No extra candy bars to buy or Box tops to clip and collect!

In the three months since this app was publicized at my children’s school, I have earned over 3,000 Roo Points that translates into $6 for my school. Just think what 50 active parent participants could contribute over a whole year!

How Much Can My School Earn?shoparoo receipt

For the 2013-2014 school year, schools earn 10 Roo Points for every receipt less than $10, 20 Roo Points for receipts of $10-$50, 30 Roo Points for receipts of $50-$100 and 40 Roo Points for receipts over $100. You can also earn additional points for submitting receipts for five consecutive weeks or referring a friend who downloads the app and submits a receipt. Five-hundred Roo Points equals a $1 contribution to your school.

There is no maximum amount your school can earn with Shoparoo. The minimum that is required for a school to receive a check from Shoparoo is $50. If $50 is not earned by the end of the reporting period (July 31) then the funds will roll over to the next school year.

Who Wants to See My Receipts?

The information obtained from the receipts submitted via Shoparoo is accumulated to provide anonymous data to consumer goods companies. These companies are interested in learning things like whether consumers are more likely to purchase laundry detergent at a supercenter versus the grocery store.

If you are worried about your privacy, you can feel free to cross out any item on your receipt before you submit it via the app. As long as the store name, date, total and most of the items purchased are legible, the receipt will be accepted.

Check out Shoparoo if you are looking for an easy way to contribute to your school!


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