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5 Weird Places to Look for Coupons

5 Weird Places to Look for Coupons
Alison Storm

Everybody knows coupons can be found in the Sunday paper. But if you're looking for high value coupons that you don't have to pay for, there are five locations you should look. The next time you are out and about check these weird places for free coupons.

The Self-Serve Checkout Lanecheckout lane

Recently we told you all about Catalina coupons. These coupons print right from the register when you make a purchase at certain stores. Typically the cashier hands you this stack of Catalina coupons with your receipt, but you can still score these money-saving slips of paper when you use the self-serve checkout lane. And plenty of people opt to set their Catalina coupons on top of the self-serve checkout kiosk rather than take them home. That means these coupons are up for grabs for shoppers who are more interested in saving money. Rather than leave these coupons behind grab the entire pile or sift through for ones that catch your eye.

Neighbors' Recycling Bins

If your recycling truck comes by on Monday mornings this tip is especially useful for you. That's because your newspaper-reading neighbors have probably set their Sunday paper on the top of their recycling bin and there's a chance that the coupons are sitting there too. You won't have to do much digging to find what you're looking for. And since it's out on the curb it's fair game.

The Coffee Shop Newspaper Basketcoffee shop newspaper

Many coffee shops have a basket for customers to set their newspaper once they are done reading it. This is a friendly service so the next person can have some free reading material without having to pay for a new paper. If you're visiting a coffee shop or place like Panera Bread on a Sunday, look around for these used newspapers. Take a quick peek inside and see if the coupon inserts are still available. If so, snatch them up. Please note I'm not suggesting stealing coupons from new papers that are waiting to be purchased.

Inside Your Pantry

Some very high value coupons could be hiding in your pantry or your refrigerator. In order to encourage repeat purchases, many brands put coupons inside the packaging of their products. Or perhaps it's a coupon for a new product the brand is launching. Before you toss out that box of cereal or salsa jar, make sure there's not a coupon hiding in the wrapper.

Your Mailbox

Coupons probably show up in your mailbox on a regular basis, but you might not realize it. They come tucked inside junk mail flyers and inside the pages of magazines. All You, Better Homes and Gardens and even People Magazine are all known to have great coupons inside. Sometimes these coupons are a part of an insert that you can tear out. Sometimes they are printed on an ad for a product. Either way just keep your eye out for a useful coupon that may be next to an article on your favorite celebrity.


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