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Why Shopping With Your Mom (Or Daughter) Is a Good Thing

Why Shopping With Your Mom (Or Daughter) Is a Good Thing
Jackie De Pape Hornick

It used to be that moms couldn’t even be seen in the mall parking lot with their teens, often doing a drop-off a few blocks away. Now, moms and teens are (gasp!) shopping in some of the same stores and even borrowing items from each other’s closets. Gone are the days when prom dress shopping was a nightmare day in which moms protectively guarded their credit cards, refusing to pay for the “dress” the teen insisted was in style and that her other friends were all allowed to wear. Here’s why this prom dress season you may see moms and teens smiling in stores instead.

Mothers And Daughters Are Wearing The Same Thingsmom daughter prom

Teens no longer need to worry about moms freaking out about their style choices, as mother/daughter style trends are converging. A recent Wall Street Journal article, Stores Encourage Mother-Daughter Shopping with Coupons, said that mothers and daughters are wearing the same thing, but in modified versions. Mom may wear a top with heels and jeans, while the daughter may pair the same top casually with shorts. Kohl’s in particular is adding clothing lines that appeal to both generations.

Mothers And Daughters Know What They’re Looking Formom and teen

A mother-daughter shopping trip now begins long before the duo arrives at a store. Mothers and daughters are following the same retailers on social media sites and trading photos of clothes back and forth, sharing opinions on likes and dislikes before a hanger is even pulled off a rack. Free in-store wi-fi at department stores like Sears and Kohl’s also gives moms and daughters a chance to show photos of dresses they like to sales associates so that they can quickly find the styles they want.

Mothers/Daughter Shopping Duos Are Rewarded

Nothing puts a smile on a shopper’s face like a great deal. Retailers, like Sears, are recognizing the shopping power of mothers and daughters by offering coupons for the duo. When mom buys something on “her side” of the store, she may receive a coupon for the juniors department at checkout. Retailers are also emailing targeted coupons to mothers and daughters.

Mothers Can Help Choose Even From A Distance

Perhaps not every teen is ready to share a shopping day with Mom yet, but that doesn’t mean mom can’t have a say in the purchase even from afar. Sears now has a new Shop Your Way platform in which family members can share images, build a pin board and give opinions. Thanks to technology, Moms can help with the selection, even from a “safe distance” like the food court.

Shopping times they are a-changing. The same Wall Street Journal article said that 75% of surveyed girls, between the ages of 12 and 19, say their parents are very involved or involved in their shopping. More than ever before, prom dress shopping has a hope of being a pleasant shopping experience for both the teen and the parent.


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