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Secrets Revealed: Expert Tips on Saving Big at Victoria's Secret

Secrets Revealed: Expert Tips on Saving Big at Victoria's Secret
Alison Storm

Is it a mystery to you how to score really good deals at Victoria's Secret? Well today we are letting the cat out of the bag. We've enlisted the help of a Victoria's Secret pro to decode the best way to save big on bras, undies and workout wear.

Is Victoria's Secret Coupon Friendly?

The average person walks into Victoria's Secret and probably pays full price for the item they want. But that's definitely not how Marly Del Rio does it. She's a Florida college student who has completely mastered the art of extreme couponing at Victoria's Secret. And according to Marly the store is coupon friendly. However, some of your success will depend on the cashier. Some cashiers seem to be more liberal with allowing customers to stack coupons with coupons for free items, others are more strict. Either way, Marly says she saves big. "I love shopping at Victoria's Secret because they are always running some sort of sale," she says. "Whether it is the Semi-Annual sale or Secret Rewards there is always some way to save."

How Do Secret Rewards Work?Victorias Secret Rewards

That brings us to our next question-- what are Secret Rewards? Marly says they're kind of like Kohl's Cash, Extra Care Bucks or Register Rewards. Secret Rewards are basically a gift card that can be used on anything at Victoria's Secret. You must make a purchase of at least $10 in order to earn a Secret Reward. But the Secret Reward will have a minimum of $10 on it, with the possibility of having a value of up to $500. Just like with Kohl's Cash, the Secret Rewards are a limited-time offer and must be spent before the expiration date.

When is the Best Time to Shop at Victoria's Secret?

Twice a year Victoria's Secret holds the Semi-Annual Sale, typically in January and in June. "Shopping during the Semi-Annual Sale is the best time to score deals on clothing, bras, perfumes, and beauty products," says Marly. During the last Semi-Annual Sale in January Marly spent $400 on $1,800 worth of clothing, a savings of 78 percent. But she says the Semi-Annual Sale isn't always the best time to buy underwear. "The best deals on panties are when they go on sale for 7/$26 which happens a few times a year," she explains. "This makes each pair $3.71 while at the Semi-Annual Sale they are $3.99!"

How Can I Save More Money at Victoria's Secret? Victorias Secret free

So in addition to shopping sales and using Secret Rewards Marly says to always keep your receipts. "If an item you purchased goes cheaper within two weeks of your purchase, take your receipt back and get the difference back," says Marly. "This works during the Semi-Annual Sale as well." It's also a good idea to get on the store's mailing list. Victoria's Secret regularly sends out coupons that include vouchers for free panties, no purchase required. With a little work you'll be upgrading your underwear drawer with lots of Victoria's Secret deals in no time.

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