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What to Buy at the Dollar Store

What to Buy at the Dollar Store
Linsay Thomas

Think a buck doesn't buy anything of value these days? Then you probably haven't been to your local Dollar Store lately. The Dollar Store is a fun place to shop because there are so many inexpensive things under one roof. Everything is just $1 and there are many great deals to be found. Here are some things that can be found cheaply there and should be picked up on your next visit.

Greeting Cards

You can easily spend $5 on a simple greeting card at your local grocery store. Why spend so much on an item that will eventually be thrown away when you can get the same card at the Dollar Store for $1? You can even get some cards for 50 cents and there’s very little difference in quality.

Party Suppliesdollar store party supplies

Throw your next party for less. The Dollar Store offers a wide variety of party supplies for a low price. You can get utensils, tablecloths and paper plates in a variety of colors and for half the price you’d pay elsewhere.

Gift Bags

At the Dollar Store, you can buy a large, attractive gift bag for only $1. This is a steal considering that other stores – even Walmart or Target – sell the same bag for $5 or more. The only caveat is that the quality may not be as good, but who cares when you’re only going to use the bag once? Most people throw gift bags away after one use anyway.


For $1, you can get a large container of spices at the Dollar Store. At a grocery store, you can expect to pay $5 or more for the same thing. So the next time you’re at the Dollar Store, be sure to stock up on pepper, cinnamon and other commonly–used seasonings.

Cleaning Supplies

Studies show that the cleaning supplies at the Dollar Store work just as well as cleaning products you’d buy elsewhere. They can be diluted, so you might have to use a little more when cleaning. But besides that, the only difference is the price. Sponges are also cheap at the Dollar Store, with a two-pack going for $1. Most other stores sell the same pack for about $3.

Seasonal Itemsdollar store seasonal

Need Christmas stockings, candy canes, Easter baskets or Valentine’s Day cards? The Dollar Store is the place to go. With these types of items, you can’t go wrong for only a dollar. You can save up to 70% over shopping at other stores.

Bath and Beauty Items

At the Dollar Store, everyday beauty items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, hair brushes and deodorant are only $1, making them a great deal. According to Consumer Reports, these products are no different than the ones you’d buy at another store. The price is much cheaper and there’s no proof that expensive shampoos are better for the hair.

However, not everything at the Dollar Store is a great deal. Some things are poorly made or just not a good bargain. Coming up we'll have part two in this series: What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store.  Find out which items you should buy elsewhere.

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