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Home Decorators Collection – Tips for Decorating Your Home with Rugs

Home Decorators Collection – Tips for Decorating Your Home with Rugs
Linsay Thomas

Rugs are beautiful pieces of art that can be used to add some much-needed excitement to an otherwise bland home. However, for those who are not savvy when it comes to home décor, picking out the perfect rug for a specific room can be a daunting task. Here are some tips for choosing the right rug to complete a desired look.

  • Experiment with different sizes: If you use more than one rug in the same room, choose rugs that are different sizes. When rugs are the same size, they tend to make your room look smaller than it really is.
  • Stick with the same pattern or theme: This is especially true for rugs in the same room. For example, don’t have one rug with zigzags and another with polka dots. The rugs should match somewhat or your home could lose that harmonious atmosphere you are looking to achieve.
  • Use rugs to contrast a room’s décor: For example, if the walls are a plain color, a brightly-colored rug can help add some character to the room. If the walls are more ornamental in nature, stick with a single-colored rug to avoid clashing décor.
  • Don’t be afraid to use different shapes: When many people think of rugs, they think of rectangular shapes. However, there are also rugs in circular, oval and square shapes. Look at the layout of the room – including the arrangement of the furniture - and choose a shape that fits best with the floor space you have available.
  • Determine the right rug size: If you’re looking for an area rug, the trick is to not completely cover up the entire floor. Instead, leave about 2-3 feet of exposed floor on each side. This trick will not only allow you to show off your flooring, but also make the room appear larger.

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    What happens when your rooms are so large, the rug looks 'lost' as it's hard to find a rug that big? I have hardwoods, so something is needed to keep from slipping/feeling cold. In an open floor plan, do you coordinate the rugs you can see from other rooms? I have moved from a more traditional type home, so my rugs were of different styles to fit the decor, but I have changed my tastes, and also my house is much bigger. Can I make different areas within an open room by using different rugs in front of a furniture arrangement? Or will that look too much like a furniture store, LOL?

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