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Kids, Meet Coupons: How to Introduce Little Ones to Big Savings

Kids, Meet Coupons: How to Introduce Little Ones to Big Savings
Jackie De Pape Hornick

Toy cash registers, a wallet full of pretend credit cards, Mom’s purse – these are all common, everyday items that kids love to play with. But, where are the coupons?

Chances are, as a visitor to, you’ve handled a coupon or two in your day, maybe even in front of children. It’s never too early to show children what coupons are and demonstrate the benefits of using them. Being smart with money is an important skill that they can start learning now.

Coupons For PlayKid couponer

Have a couple of expired coupons kicking around the house? Before you get rid of them, consider using them for pretend play with kids. Coupons often have colourful images on them, making it fun for kids to match the coupon with the right item in a toy shopping cart or brown bag from your pantry. You can also practice using coupons the next time they want to play cashier. Before they ask for the credit card or money, say you have a coupon and teach them what that means. Trust me, once you hand over a fun-looking coupon, they’ll want coupons in their cash register or pretend wallet too.

Coupons To Carry

If you have a kid of the “I want to help” or “I can do it myself” variety, getting them to assist with coupons while you’re shopping can be a great learning experience. Nothing makes them feel more like a big boy or girl than having a job to do at the store. Let them hand the coupon to the cashier or look for the right item on the shelf that matches the image on the coupon. Keeping some change handy to physically show kids how much money they just saved helps make the experience that much more real.

Coupons Just For Them

Let’s say your kid needs some new clothes. Why not give your kid one of The Children’s Place’s colorful coupons, a coupon for a store that is just for them? They will feel a sense of pride and responsibility and tap into their love of being “Mom’ special helper.” They will love having a coupon that is just their own and not one they are holding for Mom. Looking at the coupon can also help kids find their store in the mall by looking for the matching logo or letters.

Reaping the Rewardskid coupons

Know you’re going to save $5 at the grocery store today by using coupons? This might be a good time to throw an extra special item or treat for the kids into the cart. A major teachable moment is up ahead when you explain how using the coupon meant you were allowed to bring home the Diego toothbrush they commented on earlier in the shopping trip. It doesn’t have to be candy. It could be a practical item on your grocery list anyway that you know they like.

You’ll be happy you’ve shown kids the coupon way when you get an excited phone call one day in which they say, “Guess how much money I saved,” instead of “I’ve got into a bit of a problem again with my credit card.”

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