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Holiday Gift Guide:

Holiday Gift Guide:
Christina Ross

For some of us, a nice relaxing day involves lounging on the couch, maybe going to a movie if we’re feeling adventurous.  For others, a nice relaxing day involves extreme sports, the rugged outdoors, and a string of adrenaline rushes!  The latter are backcountry people: thrill-seekers and modern-day explorers.  They’re not hindered by geography, weather, or even physical limits.

During this holiday season, has compiled the Joy to the Wild: Backcountry Gift Guide, which features popular products organized by personality type.   Even if you prefer the living room to living on the edge, this gift guide can help you shop for outdoors type on your list.

Big Beards and Big Lines: For the Outdoor Man Who Lives for a Challenge

Here you’ll find things for the true mountain man – things that a lumberjack might use.  Heavy-duty bib pants, specially designed watches, insulated bottles… everything you’d wish you had if you were out on an expedition to the Arctic.

The Rugged Look:  For the Outdoor Man Who Cleans Up Well

Not all outdoorsmen look like outdoorsmen.  The weekenders and hobbyists have different needs, deserving their own section.  Here you’ll find stylish clothes – which is to say, clothes you can wear in civilization as well as the wild – and also some general tools and gear.

Heart in the Hills: For the Woman Who Goes Big

Just because there’s no word for a female mountain man doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  Here is the same heavy-duty outdoor equipment, but with a feminine touch (and more interesting colors).

Cozy & Classy:  For the Woman with an Eye on Style

Hats, gloves, scarves, and other accessories – this section is for the woman who likes to look good on her hikes.  You won’t find this stuff at Nordstrom… but their selection wouldn’t be much use on the top of a mountain anyway.

Wild Child: For the Kid Who Gets Outside

What are you going to do, leave your children at home while you have the time of your life?  These are the real life lessons they need to learn at that age – forget grammar and arithmetic!  Clothes, equipment, boards, and even toys are available here!

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