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Inbox Savings: 5 Reasons to Stop Hiding Your Email Address

Inbox Savings: 5 Reasons to Stop Hiding Your Email Address
Jackie De Pape Hornick

You’re just waiting for your final total when the sales clerk pleasantly says, “Email address please.” The request is becoming more and more common, but why exactly do they want your precious email address? Before you assume the spam worst and concoct a phoney email address, there are definitely reasons why you want your favorite store to have your real information. Here are five reasons to stop being secretive with your email address.

After Hours Savings

checking emailWhen you give your email address to the store you actually physically shop in, you will likely receive news and updates about special events happening at that location. Behind closed doors events, a special after hours shopping experience for customers on the email list, are hot commodities. You can steal a couple of hours of extra holiday shopping time, have the first look at a season’s new collection and often save a few bucks too.

Savings On Your Next Purchase

We’ve all seen that spot on our favorite store’s website where it says to put in your email address to receive special offers and news. When you hand over your email address the financial benefit is almost immediate. Depending on the store, next time you check your email you could have a welcome offer for savings on your next purchase. For example, click on “Email sign-up” on Call It Spring’s website and you’re taken to a sign-up page that says, “Join the Spring community and save 10% off your next purchase.” Buy some great shoes at 10% off and then go back and sneakily enter your husband’s email address and do it again.

Personalized Savings

Let’s say that Target is your go-to place for everything kids – the Circo clothing line prices often can’t be beat. If every time you hit Target, you’re shopping in the kids clothing area, you'll notice your email alerts from Target will start involving deals on kids and baby items. Targeted email alerts (yes I said targeted) really make signing up for email alerts worth your while. Sometimes when you sign up for emails from a big box store that has multiple departments they’ll give you a checklist to select which areas you’d like to receive deals. Tailoring these alerts will make them even more meaningful and useful to you.

Printable Savings

JCP emailOnline shopping isn’t for everyone, but that shouldn’t stop you from signing up for store email lists. Often, the deals you receive via email can also be printed out and used at your local store too. JC Penney is one company that sends digital coupons that are also printable. Having printable coupons for a store like JC Penney can be super helpful when you’re looking for items like new jeans or shoes where it just makes sense to take a trip to the store.

Savings in a Special Place

email inboxIt can feel like we’re giving out our email addresses left and right. In order to separate the fun emails (cough, cough, our shopping emails), from our everyday personal and business emails, why not create a separate email address that is just for giving out to stores? You’d be surprised how quickly an inbox fills up when it’s only used for this purpose. Before you shop, you can check your email first and see if there are any good deals stashed in your inbox first.

So, next time a store or its website asks for your email address, turn that “why?” voice in your head into a “why not?”

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