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Attention Walmart Shoppers: Five Reasons to Skip the Store and Shop Online Instead

Attention Walmart Shoppers: Five Reasons to Skip the Store and Shop Online Instead
Jackie De Pape Hornick

It’s pretty easy to find a Walmart store. Every town with a population of more than a few hundred seems to have one. But, that doesn’t mean you should shop there. Now, this isn’t an anti-Walmart post – far from it. We all know Walmart offers great deals on anything and everything, but it may be time to consider driving past the Walmart down your street and logging on to from home instead.

Here are the top five reasons why you’ll want to skip the store and shop instead.

Greater Selection

People of walmart 2Let’s say the reason you were going to go to Walmart today was for new sheets. Surely, there is an aisle in that gigantic store devoted just to those sheets you want for your bed. Typing “sheets” into the search area of shows me that my local store has 220 results for sheets, while the online store has 821 options. Math isn’t my strong suit, but I can tell that's a much better selection. This isn’t a one-trick pony example either. Search for practically anything online at and the result is the same.

Site-to-Store Shipping

Since we already know that has greater selection, it’s important to know that there are also benefits when it comes to getting your purchase home. Walmart offers free shipping on orders over $50 for most orders, but if you want to spend less than that that's OK too. Walmart has a site-to-store shipping option where you can order your item online and pick it up in a special area of your chosen local store for free. This is a perfect option when your local store has run out of the size or color of an item you want.

People of Walmart Aren’t in Your House people of walmart

Normally I wouldn’t let fellow shoppers get in the way of my quest to get the item I was looking for, but if I could order the same or better stuff online and avoid running into strangers with frightening fashion sense and questionable hygiene, I would. If you haven’t seen yet, it’s worth a visit and a good laugh. Who knew Walmart attracted such unique shoppers? You can even search by state to see who your local locos are. You can avoid the mullets and matching outfits in the store by shopping at home in the pajamas you wouldn’t be caught dead in outside instead.

Your House is Clean  

Personally, I haven’t run into any cleanliness issues at my local Walmart, but judging by the results of a quick Google search, I may be the lucky one. Clutch Magazine’s post, “Every Walmart is Now the Dirty Walmart,” provides the dirty details perfectly. There’s no clean-up on aisle three when you shop from home. There shouldn’t be a deodorant stain on the shirt you order online. And there shouldn’t be an abandoned onion by the checkout where you’re waiting in line. Any mess that affects your online shopping experience is just yours to clean up!

Avoid Mobs and MishapsWalmart Crowd

Walmart stores in Louisiana made national headlines recently when shoppers cleared shelves and loaded up carts with as much as they could carry. The frenzy was caused when a glitch in the food stamp system temporarily lifted spending limits. Of course, when you shop at instead, you significantly lower your odds of getting caught in the middle of an angry mob-- unless of course you run a day care or invite a pack of teenagers over for dinner.

We'd like to know which way you prefer to do your Walmart shopping-- in person or online?

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