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Smartphone Wallets: A Shopping Guide

Smartphone Wallets: A Shopping Guide
Alison Storm

With Apple announcing the new iPhone 5s and 5c there will likely be another flood of Smartphones entering the market. Streamline your stuff with a Smartphone wallet-- a handy carrying case that corrals your cash, credit cards and your all-important phone. Here are eight of the best and most affordable options

Incipio Stowaway Case

If you don't want to make it obvious that you're carrying around your entire lifeblood in one little case check out the Stowaway. At $34.99, it features a discreet compartment perfect for stashing credit cards, your ID and even some cash. You'll have to find another place for your loose change.

Ardium Smartphone Wallet

smartphone wallet ardium

If you only plan to carry some plastic and no cash this case is a lovely option. The Ardium Smartphone Wallet comes equipped with a coordinating jelly case to keep your phone secure. While this case is for smartphones in general, there is a case specifically for the iPhone 5 that includes openings for the iPhone 5's camera lens, volume buttons and microphone so you don't have to remove it from the wallet for use. The wallet comes in four trendy color choices including aqua mint, coral pink and dark navy and retails for $42.95.

BOOSTCASE iPhone 5 Wallet Case

Sometimes you may want to downsize your wallet while other times you have the need to carry more. With the BOOSTCASE iPhone 5 Wallet Case, the card-holder is removable to meet your changing needs. Retail price is $40.

EYN iPhone Storage Case

smartphone wallet eyn

The hinged EYN Storage Case for the iPhone 5 has enough room to stash three cards, cash and even a key. It also includes a kickstand for added convenience when watching videos or video chats. The case also includes a mirror and retails for $29.99.

Moshi Overture Case

If you need some extra space for more money or store rewards cards check out the Moshi Overture Case, available for the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy at $44.95. It gives you access to all of your phone's buttons without having to remove it. Other features include a full-length inner pocket, four card slots and a washable microfiber pad.

iLID iPhone Wallet

Declutter your purse or your pockets with the world's thinnest iPhone wallet. The iLID iPhone Wallet is perfect for running, cycling or clubbing. It's lightweight, low profile and includes an internal money clip for toting bills. A heavy duty hinge protects valuables and a camera cavity keeps your photos uninterrupted. Get it all for $39.95.

Wally Case

If you don't want to look like you're talking into your wallet check out the Wally Case, specially designed to discretely hold money, cards and more. Pull on a ribbon to access your valuables. Pre-order now on for $40.

Cobra Wallet

smartphone wallet cobra

Available this fall at just $39, the Cobra Wallet is less than half an inch thick. Your most-used cards are stashed on top while bills or even a key can be hidden in a separate compartment. The case can also be used to prop up your iPhone vertically or horizontally for video viewing.

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