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How to Find the Best Clearance Racks

How to Find the Best Clearance Racks
Alison Storm

Sales are great, but the deals you can score on a clearance rack can be downright incredible. The key is knowing which retailers have the best clearance markdowns. These five retailers are notorious for being generous with the red sticker clearance discounts.


clearance love

Target end caps are known for housing great clearance bargains. Shopper Trisha Keane says she doesn't visit Target without scoping out the shelves at the end of each aisle. "Their end-of-the-aisle racks are chock full of handy items for cheap!" she explains. "I picked up a small battery pack to recharge my iPod for $1.50. I carry it it my shorts pocket, so when I run my iPod down on a jog, I have a full four more hours of music to carry me through!" Mom of two Lacey Storm agrees. She finds clothing for her and her boys as well as home decor items on deep discount. "I've gotten a $70 diaper bag for $30 and I've gotten a $50 car seat base for $10," explains Lacey of her recent deals.


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Macy's always keeps their clearance racks fully stocked with deeply discounted clothing and accessories. Combine those clearance prices with a coupon, which Macy's regularly distributes, and Mary Lu Saylor says the deals are incredible. "My mom is a whiz at Macy's," she says. "She goes to clearance racks and shops with coupons. Dad swears they are going to pay her to shop one of these days." Shopper Shannon Maze says she recently scored the deal of a lifetime off a Macy's clearance rack. " I bought a Michael Korrs swimsuit for $7," she says.

JC Penney

Nefertari Nelson swears by JC Penney to outfit her five children. "My children always have on great clothes thanks to JC Penney," she says. "I just found an 8-pack of girls socks for $2.97 plus at the register they gave me an additional $10 off of my $25 purchase making the socks $1.40! I also found Nike sneakers for $9!" Dawn Wickwire of is no stranger to a good deal, but she agrees that JC Penney offers phenomenal clearance discounts, even for online shoppers. "At JC Penney I shopped a Memorial Day sale online for a leather sofa sleeper worth $3200. But I didn't pay that. It was on a Memorial Day Sale, on clearance for $1500. But before checking out, I always search for an online promo code, and found one that gave me $224 off. Then they were late shipping and refunded me, and gave me another 15% off to make it $1,083.03 + tax. [In total it was] a 65% savings. And this thing is gorgeous!"

Old Navy

Clearance Old Navy

Old Navy is another great retailer that allows shoppers to combine clearance discounts with coupons. It's easy to magnify your savings when you find clothing that's been significantly marked down and then use a coupon that gives you a percentage or dollar amount off of your total purchase. Old Navy regularly offers lots of clearance discounts under $5.


Marshalls is already known for selling clothing, shoes and accessories for far less than the retail price. So when you shop the clearance racks at this discount retailer it's possible to walk away with some truly incredible deals. Jennie Raff says her go-to fall boots are a score from a Marshalls clearance rack. "I had a pair of great boots I really wanted at Marshalls. The original price was around $300. The Marshalls price was still $150," she remembers. "But at the end of the "season" in January I snagged them for under $60 when my size was the last pair left. I've worn them constantly for the last two winters." The moral of the story-- check back often to see if your favorite items have been transferred to the clearance section.

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