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Four Perfect Looks: Choosing the Best Shopping Outfit

Four Perfect Looks: Choosing the Best Shopping Outfit
Alison Storm

Just like you may wear a power suit for an important meeting at work one day and a pair of khakis on casual Friday, not all shopping excursions require the same outfit. If you're going jean shopping you'll want to wear something different than a late-night dash to the grocery store. Look fabulous no matter where you're headed with these ideas for shopping style.

Outdoor Shopping

shopping style j crew

Heading to the farmer's market, an art festival or maybe an outdoor antique fair? There are two keys to making the best wardrobe choice possible for your outdoor excursion: comfortable shoes and lots of layers. Comfy shoes will help you cover plenty of ground without slowing you down. This is not the place to bust out your new pumps. Layers will help you maintain the perfect temperature throughout the day. The morning may start off cool, but you'll probably want to lose that light sweater in the afternoon. This outfit from JCrew includes both important characteristics while still looking extremely stylish.

On-a-Mission Shopping

Shopping Style Madewell

Sometimes a shopping trip is a lazy affair, but other times it's a fashion mission. There's a bridesmaid dress to find, a date outfit that needs to be discovered or the perfect dark denim jeans to snag. When you know you're going to be in and out of fitting rooms the entire day it's important to wear something that can easily be slipped on and off. A simple striped sweater dress like this one from Madewell fits the bill. And if you're trying on pants you'll just have to slip off your shoes before shimmying them on.

Grocery Shopping

shopping style fabletics

Need to run out for a gallon of milk or a carton of ice cream? It may be late, but before you go in your PJs opt for some stylish workout wear instead. Grocery shopping definitely isn't a glamorous task, but that doesn't mean you can't look good doing it. This look from is only $39.95 with a first-time shopper's half off discount. Plain black yoga pants and a simple workout jacket in a bold color look great any time of day. It won't require any more effort than those grungy plaid pajama pants or collegiate sweatshirt. And just in case you do bump into your old flame in the produce department or a co-worker in the check out lane you won't have to apologize for your appearance.

Bargain Shopping

shopping style Old Navy

Just because you're hitting up discount retailers like Walmart, Dollar General or KMart doesn't mean you don't want to look good. Go for a no-fuss approach and stick to jeans, a tee, cardigan and flats. Accessorize with a scarf to pull the look together. This entire outfit from Old Navy including the shoes is less than $100. A large purse is perfect for storing your coupon binder or any sales flyers. A cute outfit like this will ensure you don't end up on the hilarious blog It's an over-the-top collection of what not to wear during your next shopping excursion.

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