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Hammacher Schlemmer Father's Day Gifts

Hammacher Schlemmer Father's Day Gifts

The man nurtured you, provided for you, and counseled you all throughout your childhood and beyond… and for Father’s Day you’re just going to get him a dinky card?! This is the chance to show him just how much you care (and to one-up your siblings)! Earn your spot as Favorite with a gift from Hammacher Schlemmer – their products are truly one-of-a-kind, and range from practical to hilarious to even a little space-age…

hammacher-schlemmer-Emotive-Robotic-Avatar-smallThe Emotive Robotic Avatar

The problem with robots was that they had no emotion… and so we built one with some! The Emotive Robotic Avatar is everything decades of sci-fi have prepared us for! The user controls what is essentially a robotic puppet using an included touch-screen tablet PC that works from up to 30 feet away. Why does it need to work from so far away? So you can use it avatar-style! A microphone and pinhole camera lets you see and hear what the robot does from the tablet-controller, while a digital stereo processor transmits and pitch-shifts your speech through the robot’s mouth (while its little jaws move up and down). If this futuristic technology doesn’t excite you, you must be made of metal!

The Pedal Pubhammacher-schlemmer-pedal-pub-small

There’re exceptions to every rule, even about drinking and driving – it’s only okay if you’re driving a bicycle built for seventeen! With five pedal seats on each side, ten pedalers can haul themselves and seven freeloaders, plus one special guest of honor: the keg! And empty barrel holds the keg of your choice, which connects to the tap in the center so you don’t have to stop for refills. And what drinking experience wouldn’t be complete without bar music, complements of the four overhead speakers. Take the party on the road, and remember… bike responsibly.

Shop at Hammacher Schlemmer for your Father's Day gift. Your dad won't be disappointed!

by Matt Ellis

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