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Kids and Black Friday: Do They Mix?

Kids and Black Friday: Do They Mix?
Alison Storm

Black Friday deals are incredibly enticing. But are Black Friday bargains worth pulling your little ones out of bed? Despite the odd hours, children are often among the crowd of shoppers on Black Friday, so we wanted to know-- do kids and Black Friday mix?

No: You May Be Buying Their Giftsblack friday kids

Kelly Hancock of says she leaves her kids at home for several reasons including the fact that she wants to keep her purchases a secret. "If I’m out shopping, I’m shopping for their gifts," she says, "so why would I take them with me?" Black Friday is a great opportunity for parents to save money on Christmas presents for their little ones. But it's hard to maintain the excitement of Christmas morning when the kids saw you buy their present on Black Friday.

Yes: It's a Learning Opportunity

The National Financial Educators Council, says Black Friday provides a great opportunity for parents to teach kids financial literacy lessons. For starters, kids can get involved in the Black Friday planning and budgeting. Parents can also teach kids about marketing so children learn to evaluate advertisements logically rather than emotionally. And they may also learn patience while waiting in checkout lines.

No: Black Friday Takes Focus

There's no denying, Black Friday is a crazy day. And seasoned shoppers know it takes work to score all of those great deals. Hancock says she wouldn't be at the top of her bargain-hunting game if she brought her kids along for Black Friday shopping. "If you are going to get the most out of the deals available and really save money, you have to have a strategic plan," she says. "You have to be focused on what you have set out to accomplish, not trying to race around a store with your kids in tow. Kids have needs that may not coordinate with your plan—like eating, going to the bathroom, and wanting to go back home."

Yes: Babysitters are Expensive

Babysitters are pricey-- especially if you're asking them to work at odd hours which would probably be required on Black Friday. If the main goal is to save money on Black Friday it doesn't necessarily make sense to spend money hiring a babysitter to watch the kids. A babysitter would probably eat up most of the savings you're working so hard to get.

No: It's Dangerous

A quick search of YouTube shows just how dangerous Black Friday can be. Adrenaline mixed with lack of sleep can generate some angry shoppers and testy mobs of people. It would be very easy for a child to get separated from their parent or possibly even injured in the rush of it all.

An Alternative for Parentsblack friday tree

If parents want the deals, but are concerned about taking their kids out on Black Friday, couponing expert Jon Lal suggests visiting websites instead of stores. "Shop online from home to avoid the crowds, the cold and possible wintery weather storms," he says. Just because the kids can't take part in your Black Friday tradition doesn't mean you can't enjoy plenty of other holiday traditions together as a family.

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